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Should I trust this doctor?

My husband & I are trying to decide if we should stay with our current fertility clinic or switch to our only other choice in the area. We've had two failed IUIs even though my hormone levels all looked good. I've been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  My RE has now suggested a laparascopy to check for other problems.

This RE is not board certified in reproductive specialty, just fellowship-trained. His fertility clinic has only been listed in the CDC SART reports only three out of the past nine years. I found his name listed on my insurance plan. He doesn't have all of the credentials I'd expect but he seems genuinely sincere about helping us to conceive.  The rest of his staff have also been wonderful too.  I'm hesitant to start the process all over again with the other fertility clinic.

Have any of you had experience with a situation like this? Do you have any opionions?
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It's hard to know what to do in this situation - especially since you like your re.  IMO, it wouldn't hurt to get a 2nd opinion although it sounds like your re's following a typical course for couples diagnosed w/unexplained infertility.  I assume your dh has had the usual sper analysis?
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Thank you so much for your reply!
I'm new to all of this & was getting discouraged from lack of responses. I posted this same question in the expert forum before I realized that there's much less traffic in it. Sometimes it's months before the questions get answered over there.

My dh has had great sperm counts & motility every time. That doesn't seem to be the problem. I have a history of irregular periods and anovulation. I've never had any painful symptoms of endometriosis or showed any cysts in the ultrasounds.  The only symptom I have is infertility! My RE thinks that this is reason alone to do the lap.

The lap is 80% covered by insurance. Any fertility drugs or treatment options are not covered.  That is another reason he suggests us doing this next, to save us some $$$.
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Has your doctor ever recommended an HSG to see if your tubes are open?  
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Yep, I've had the HSG done & everything looked fine. They've also tested thyroid, insulin resistance, etc. My RE oringinally suspected PCOS but none of the hormone levels have confirmed that. The endometrial biopsy came back clear too.  I'm 37 & not in perimenopause (yet) either. The nurse told me that my something level (can't remember what it was) was 8.6 & they want to see it below 10 to try & conceive. Do you know what she's talking about?

I've had two back-to-back IUIs with the help of Provera to kick-start a cycle, then Clomid to get develop the follies, and then Novarel the 1st time & Ovidrel the 2nd time for the HSG triggers. I had to be put on progesterone & estrogen supplements during the 2ww.
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Why don't you try IUI with inectables?  I think it would increase your chances and I think that is what most doctors do when you have a few failed cycles with other meds.  It sounds like your doctor is doing things the right way.
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