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Signs of being Pregnant

Just wondered if any couples / women that have undergone IVF could give me some advice / guidence of what I should be experiencing / feeling after going through IVF and embryo placement.
We started a short cycle on Monday 1st Feb and under went a course of injections for 2 weeks, I had my egg collection at the end of the 2 weeks and they got 10 eggs to which 6 of them were fertilized. By the time I was ready for my implant only 2 of the 6 were what they called really good quality. They decided to implant both which meant we had none left to be frozen but hoped that maybe this could mean we would more of a chance.
I am due to take a pregnancy test on Thursday (4th March) we both have our fingers crossed but just wondered if there were any signs to look for beforehand? I have obviously felt a little more tired than normal and seem to be going to the toilet to pass urine more frequently but I have also missed my period that was due! I am 2 days late and never before in my life have I been late! Im always very regular or early if anything! Could this mean that I could be pregnant? or could it be due to the injections/ medication? I would greatly appreciate any advice??? Thank you
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one of the first signs that i remembered after embryo transfer is the feeling of very bloated.  also towards the end 2ww my appetite was very flat although i was hungry.  when i found out that i was pregnant i couldnt believe it coz i didn't feel pregnant (no morning sickness, craving etc).  i am now a proud mother of a 13 month old daugther.  so always remember that everyone experience different symptoms.

i recently had transferred the frozen embryos and it failed.  my period didnt come until 1 week after the blood test.  i was told the reason for the delay is because of all those injections i had during 2ww.  

good luck and try to rest more.  dont think too much into it.  hope this helps.

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I have done 3 IVF and about to finish my fourth and last next week with retreival/transfer. I remember feelings weird crampings, bloaded, urinating more, hungrier and tired but nothing happened. However, 15 years ago when I had my first and only daughter I had Zero feelings. I think all these fertility drugs create a lot of confussing symptoms.

I wish you the best of luck!!! and it is great that you missed your period.
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Yes, the drugs are what is suppressing your period. You wont get it until you stop taking the progesterone.  Unless you are pregnant & then you wont get it.  What day was your transfer? You can always cheat & do HPT. I tested positive on day 8.
I can tell you on day three from transfer I had 2 spots of red blood & then brown spotting.  I was pregnant although mine did end in m/c

Best wishes & sending you baby dust.
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My transfer was Monday the 15th Feb.
I must admit I have thought about cheating but the nurses told me that I shouldnt because i if I take a test before the date they have told me to that it will most likely show up negative!  The wait is just so hard!!!
Im really sorry that you had a m/c, that must have been heart breaking :-(
Thanks so much for your input, means a lot as this is all new to me.
I wish you best of luck for the future and will keep informed of whats happening with me. Due to take the test this Thurs the 4th March... I have my fingers and toes crossed xxx
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I cheated & tested positive on day 8.  You are currently on day 12. I can't believe you didn't cheat yet. LOL  I know the Dr's say that you shouldn't, some also say the test's are evil.  If you only had one HCG shot, then at this point it's out of your system.  If you had two (sometimes people do) then I would say wait.
I see your test is the 4th which is still another week away.  YOu can either wait...or in my case what I did was that I started testing on day 6 -neg, day 7, neg & by day 8 it was positive....YEAH.
Although, as I think I mentioned I did have a m/c. So again you won't get your period...but I did get brown spotting so that was a hint to me that I was.  Everyone is different.  Let me know what you do.  - Donna  
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As you guys are aware i just had a failed et.  Anyone of you all knows when my cycle will be back to normal?  I am eager to ttc again but am not sure if it takes awhile for my cycle to be back to normal because of all those progesterone!
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