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Ok, I found out last friday, the 2nd that Im pregnant,  So I know Im not that far along, however, is it normal to feel a little cramping? My Hcg levels are good. Tuesday was my last BW day and it went from 160 to 296. Maybe Im being a little paranoid. I mean I feel a little pregnant, and have symptoms, like moodiness and my stomach gets hard every once in a while. Am I just worrying to much? I guess I just need some encouraging words. THanks
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cramping is very normal in early pregnancy as is light spotting. the key is you shouldn't have both at the same time. it is also common to have or not have pregnancy symptoms very early on, symptoms tend to increase as HCG rises in the days/weeks to come. i would be a hypocrite if i told you not to worry, but remember as long as you take care of yourself and don't do silly things to risk your pregnancy then you know you've done your best no matter what the outcome. good luck and God Bless! I pray you have a healty pregnancy with a beautiful baby in your arms next summer!
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Yes, your numbers are very good.  Cramping is very normal in early pregnancy.  I know how scary it can be.  I had a few cramps last night and it frightened me a little but I know God is blessing me and everything is fine.  As long as there's no blood you should be fine.  Just take care of you and baby and try not to stress.  Think good baby thoughts....I will be sure to send a prayer your way.
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thanks everyone. Luckily there is no blood. I know once I start getting farther along, I will feel better.

I cant wait either. Im hoping for twins, so maybe thats the other reason. I suppose if I didnt do the IVF and got pregnant the "natural" way, I wouldnt be so worried. :)
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I see women post about cramping in early pg all the time.  If the hcg is looking good, I'd relax and enjoy.. many good times to come.

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How do you test your HCG level?
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the doctor does that as far as I know, its the only way
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