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Slight bleed 11 days after embryo transfer

Hello, we had egg retrieval 10th july and embryo transfer on 13tb july. Yesturday I had a really small bit of clear slime with a Little blood in when I went to bathroom. Today I had a Little blood but not much slime. A little crampy too but much less than when I normally get period. We can’t do test until Saturday. I’m hoping this is implantation bleeding. Any ideas?
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It could be implantation bleeding!  Lots of women get slight bleeding, spotting and mild cramps in very early pregnancy. Fingers crossed for you!!!  Come back and let me know!
Just worried. Period was due yesterday and we have been trying for so long. Will keep you posted
I agree with special mom. I had cramping & spotting up until 9weeks ga.
Not so much spotting today as clear slime. Very confused and still can’t do test.
Did one test this Morning. Negative. I couldn’t wait any longer so took it. I’m hoping I was to soon but think I have to accept that this 1st round of IVF hasn’t worked
Done 3 tests, All negative and got my period too. When back from holiday we are going to try again
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I'm sorry to hear this wasn't your turn this time.  But it WILL happen.  hugs
Hope so!!
We have a frosty to use. Just the one but Fingers crossed Its THE one!!
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I hope this is implantation bleeding for you, hun. So do have, others don't at all. Mine was pinkish mostly. It lasted for a couple of hours. Then ended with a brownish spot. Some mild crampings, not those like AF--much milder! I hope this way your tiny bean is making his home..Fingers and every bone in my body crossed for you.
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