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Small lump in breast, when should you worry?

Hi, ladies. I noticed a small lump in my breast last night & it actually hurts to touch it.  I'm close to starting AF & had heard that you can have little lumps during that time of your cycle, which is why my doc always told me to do a breast exam after AF.  I'm just curious, though, cause I've never had something like that, which hurt to touch it.  Does it sound like something I should have checked out?  Anyone have this happen to them?  Thanks !
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Definitely phone your doc about it, breast health is nothing to take lightly. That said, the bad kind of lumps shouldn't produce any pain and are hard to the touch like a small pebble. But please phone someone anyway.

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I know some friends who get a water filled cyst during O time and it disappears after that. But I would recommend you to call the doc and go in for a check-up. It is always good to find out what it is.
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Thanks, Sue & vortex.  I'm not sure if it's just one of those little lumps that occurs around AF time or not.  It is hard, but sore to the touch.  I'll see how it goes & call my doc on Monday.
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is it hard like a small pebble or just solid?
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Generally, if a lump comes and goes around AF, and is painful to the touch, then it's probably fibrocystic disease.  However, it is probably good to discuss  this with your doc, JIC, since this is a "generally".

My lump, found while breastfeeding, didn't hurt and grew fairly quickly.  

Probably nothing, but best to have an expert take a feel at it.  Worst case, you get a baseline mammogram that will serve benefit later in life.
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call the doc..no way are u going to take any chances....fertility meds have a history of producing lumps so please do get urself checked..god bless
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Thanks for all your help & advice.  AF showed today :( , so I'm sure it falls under the fibrocystic category that lhughes mentioned, but I need to schedule a well woman exam before moving on to the fertility doc., so I will get it checked out.  Thanks, ladies!
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