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So Frustrated!

Well, for those who read my previous post, I got my MRI results last night.  Everything was normal.  I should be happy because that means that nothing's terribly wrong in my brain.  Which is good news, right?  But it's so frustrating because now that means that we still don't know what's wrong with me.  It's been 5 long years (with several years of misdiagnosis), and we're still no further than when we started 5 years ago.  I have no idea where we go from here because I didn't actually get to talk to my doctor (he just left a message on my machine that the MRI was normal, and hung up, and I didn't get it until after office hours), and he's not in the office today.  I cried all night last night.  I feel like I have nobody to help me through this (my dh is great, but he doesn't quite understand how I feel, and he also feels like he has to be the strong one, so he just tries to be ever so optimistic).  And now I have to sit here at work all day and hold it together when I really just feel like screaming my head off.  Sorry for the rant, but like I said, I really need someone to talk to about all of this, and I feel like you ladies would understand more than anyone else.
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I am so sorry they didn't find anything on your mri. I know how frustrating it is to not have answers. It is a horrible place to be,,,and can be so depressing.

Have you been with the same re for the entire time? I find it strange that your re hasn't ordered the basic tests (mentioned to you in your previous post) before you went to the mri. Have you considered changing res and finding one who is more proactive? Or you can take the list of tests with you to the re and insist for them to be done. You mighgt also try one of the well know clinics because they often do phone consults (often for free) as a way of checking to see if your current re is being aggressive enough.

We didn't find my issues until they did the thrombophilia blood work. These tests look for blood clotting issues...lo and behold, they found something (after 2 and 1/2 years). Of course, they were only suggested after my 2nd ivf miscarriage. Would have been nice if they had let me do the tests first.

Know that there are women here who know what you're going through and have the same frustration and pain. It always makes me feel a little better to know that others are going through the same thing although I wish no one would have to! Take care of yourself and do whatever you must to get the answers you want. You are your own best advocate.
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I just had the first visit with this re in March.  He looked over all of the bloodwork and u/s's that I had had done, and the info on my mc (all of this through my OB/GYN who prentends to know what he's talking about, the same one that diagnosed me with PCOS), and he said that it was not PCOS he saw 3 possible problems.  He said that one was premature ovarian failure.  So he did an FSH test, and it was only 4.6, so that's really good, so my ovaries aren't failing.  The second was a blockage in my brain preventing the signal from reaching my ovaries and making me ovulate.  Thus, the MRI.  And that found nothing.  The third is "some other hormone problem."  Which seems really vague to me.  And I live in a very rural area, so I already have to drive 2 hours just to see this re, there are no others nearby.
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So is the problem that you are not ovulating regularly?

Your right about the vague sound of the other hormone problem speech. I'd call the doctor back for clarification and his plan of finding out what those problems can be,

Has dh had more than one sperm analysis?
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I'm actually not sure that I'm ovulating at all.  Before we started ttc, I went on the depo-provera injection for one year.  It stopped my periods (which were regular before that), and I've never gotten them back.  I have had a period with provera, and I have had a couple on my own (but they're short - about 3 days).  I chart my bbt and it is all over the place.  I've been pregnant once, so I have obviously ovulated at least once.  I also have a cyst on my left ovary, but the re didn't seem concerned with it.

Dh has only been analyzed once.  They found a small cyst in his scrotum, but it doesn't seem to be preventing anything.  Everything else was normal.
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Okay, maybe you should give me a brief history on what you have done so far...what meds have you taken, what procedures, etc. That way, maybe we can find something you can try next or at least talk to your re about next time you see him.

I would have dh's sperm analyzed one more time. I was told that two tests were the most conclusive and not trust one test (maybe my re was being overly cautious?).
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I hope I am not sounding intrusive. I was hoping the two heads are better than one idea might apply here, but if you would rather not, I totally understand,
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