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Sore boobs went away during tww

Hello. I am freaking out today... After my transfer last Thursday 2/27 (2 Grade A frozen embryos transfered) my bbs were sore from that Saturday, so three days after the transfer until today.... 8 days post transfer... MY boobs are barely even sore anyone... DID ANYONE have sore breasts that WENT away and then received a POSITIVIE BETA?? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT
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The way that I understand all these symptoms some times are there and some times not, I have problem after my IUI now I waiting too , just try to relax and don’t worry , everything will be okay
Sending u a lot of baby dust
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I did not have sore boobs at all and got a BFP. I am now 6w4d and they are still not sore. This has worried me b/c it seems like everyone else says that is a major symptom, but not everyone gets the same symptoms, and some people get none at all. 3-8dpt would have been VERY early for pregnancy symptoms, so try not to stress too much about it going away. Good luck! I hope you will get BFP! When is your beta?
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there are no pregnancy symptoms. some people have all kinds of "signs" and are not pregnant, while some have none and are.
try not to overanalyze and you won't know until you can test....
good luck
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Thank u so so much. My beta is Monday.... So I just am trying to breathe and for some reason I'm so convinced it won't ever work for me.. I don't know why.. I'm sure its a defense mechanism of some sort....
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Hi Everyone... Well got some not great news today... My beta was a 10.4... So my HCG is really really now and they only gave me a 15% chance of maintaining this pregnancy... I'm pretty sad... Any good stories of early low Beta and rapid rise??
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