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Sperm counts in men

can a man with zero percent sperm count be given medications such that he could get a woman pregnant?
what is the level of sperm count that should get a woman pregnant?
when is a man considered as sterile or infertile for life?
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Hi Miss,
I believe there are natural supplements that can promote healthier sperm for men, other than that I am not sure.
You can find a vast amount of sperm info on the internet if you google sperm mobility, morphology, fertility.
Good luck,
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we were told no.  A normal count is higher than 20 million.  My DH is at 120,000 so we are doing IVF with ICSI.  Some men with NO sperm in ejaculate can have sperm retrieved thru testicular biopsy.

Good luck!!
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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Dear Brothers,

after my marriage i came know that my sperm count is zero and i got a shock of my life that i cant hv a baby but now alhamdulilhal my sperm count is 18 million still i dont hv a baby but now i m sure that soon God will bless us with a child.
If u want to know the fact and try it, your are most welcome.
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I requrst all low sperm count / zero sperm count brothers please mail me  complete details about your problem and i will try to help u inshallah and god will blessd u soon. aameen
plz mail me at syed_3dtheming.yahoo.co.in
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did you hubby do injections prior to your egg retrieval??,,nicole
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I am interested to know will mail you soon
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Hi there
My partner had a sperm count of 3 on one sample and on another he got 8, so our IVF doctor started talking to us about donor sperm..
We decided to not go for donor and still try the IVF process with what we had (obviously not much at all!)..  During the process, he had a testicular biopsy (tissue taken straight from testicle) and gave a fresh sample also on the day of my egg retrieval.  With the help of some very intelligent, steady handed lab workers - through ICSI - we fertalised 9 eggs, which 6 make it to the perfect stage... so as long there is at least 1 good swimmer, don't give up hope!!
* By the way my partner did not take any medications & no medical reasoning behind such low sperm count.
* we now have a miracle baby & 5 frozen embryos :)
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A related discussion, vasectomy reversal was started.
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Actually, one of my son has the problem of azoospermia i..e Nil sperm count.

I came to know that you had something similar problem. But now you have 18 million count.
Could you please explain about this problem whether there is any natural treatment for this.

My son needs your help and I have a strong faith in God that He will surely show a way for him. Hope you will not disappoint him.

I believe that through you God has shown a way.

Eagerly waiting for your reply.

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I also have a problem with sperm count. Can you please tell me wit the treatment u had inshallah that might also help me

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actually my husband has just been diagnosed with azoospermia.
can you please help us?

we really wish that we'll have a child of our own.
looking forward to hear from you..

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Asalam o alakom. InshAllah you can help me. i have a zero sperm count. i was born xxy, but I have all male features. After visiting the doctor i was told my testicles were smaller than normal sized testicles. Allah Salmak
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wt r the medicine's u took for ur 18 million?
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Dear Brothers.

Meri mariiage ko 1.5 saal hogya hai n koi olad nahi hai main ne reports nikalwai to zero sperm aya hai to kuch help karo mari. Email: aqnbatki_memon001***@****
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I have nill sperm count. strong faith in GOd, hope God may blessed me IA. Can you plz tell me weather is treatment is there or not.
Reply me at saad.***@****
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hello syed...good to know about your result....actually its been 4 years of my marriage and continously my sperm count is coming zero....i went thru a homeopathic treatment...and according to d homeo doctor i have no blockage , and he is suggesting me to go for biopsy... syed, would u plz direct us to the correct treatment. what have u done ,plz tell me.
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and if der are no sperms at all...wat would be the best treatment...homeopathic?allopathic? or unani?
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