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Spotting days 9-11

Ok so I asked my Dr. about this and he didn't have any real answer. Wondering if anyone else experiences this. Every month I have a normal period which ends completely about day 7. No spotting nothing. Then around day 9 or 10 I start up again with very red spotting and little specks of tissue (sorry TMI). It only lasts a couple days, and gets lighter pink by the end, and then I am good until my period arrives usually around day 33/34. I normally ovulated around day 19 so I know it has nothing to do with implantation. We have been trying for 2+ yrs now and I have had this happening all during taking the clomid and without taking it. I figured it was bad because the lining should be rebuilding not continuing to shed at that time. My Dr. mentioned endometriosis could be a possibility but I don't have any problems during my periods, no crazy pain or bleeding. What do you guys think? Anyone else in my boat?
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My first answer was going to say maybe Ovulation spotting but you said you O around day 19.  That's a tough one.  I would have to look into the Endo even though you have no problems during your period.  I found out during my research of Endo that you could have pain at other times other than your period.  Could you possibly have a fibroid?  Also, low Progesterone probably wouldn't be an issue because that's usually the cause of spotting BEFORE your period.  

But I did read that surges/drops between Estrogen and Progesterone can cause breakthrough bleeding.

Good luck and sorry I couldn't answer your question completely.  Maybe someone else can.
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thx, I am going to d a bit of reading up on the est/prog surges you talked about. More than anything it is super annoying to have ones period start up again. kinda like a double slap in the face. Its like ha, ha your not pregnant and then oh ya once again, a reminder, still not pregnant. Just venting a little! Thanks again I appreciate peoples input on this site. Its so great.
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ugh, spotting before a period is sign of low progesterone???  how come my dr never tells me this stuff??
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I made an appt w/my Dr. saying I couldn't get pregnant. That was June and that I spot about 8dpo every cycle. I told him I thought I had low progesterone and he looked at me like I read too much :)  So we discussed that my af's were regular, my ovulation was regular and he thought then that is not the cause (whatever that tells him). I did get pregnant and did miscarry in July. I did get pregnant again mid August and he put me on progesterone right away just as a precaution, his idea.
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I lost a baby in June, had two normal periods following that recovery, then now I missed my period by a week, and now spotting for a week. The spotting changes from red to brown to nothing at all for hours. It's not a period.

Also, my beta was 4 (non-pregnant), and my progesterone (taken at 9 days late) showed a level of 2.4.

My doctor has prescribed progesterone - without seeing me. She says it will stop the spotting and after the progesterone is complete, I should have a normal period.

Can I bring up my progesterone naturally? Meaning - no creams, pills, over-the-counter stuff. And if I dont take the progesterone - will I just keep spotting forever? Is it dangerous to just let my body do this naturally?

And finally - would this be due to the miscarriage?

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