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Success Stories!

I just wanted to share some extraordinary success stories with everyone. Most of these will ring truer for the older crowd because that is the crowd I belong to (42 yrs and ttc), but they should give hope to everyone who is ttc no matter what your circumstances are.

1. Friend, 43, never ttc, BD for 6 months with her hubby and voila, a beautiful girl, no stim drugs or yoga or fancy positions!

2. Friend, 43, 1 child at 40, ttc 3 years, took injectable stim drugs for 3 months and voila, boy and girl beautiful twins born 1.5 years ago now.

3. F of F, 43, Prego naturally while wearing and IUD! Go figure!

4. Friend, 36, thought she could not have children, never prego, never used BC her whole life and them WHAM, baby boy gift from God.

5. F of F, 45, IVF, doctors said 5% chance of success, prego with two, one split and had boy triplets!!! Miracles exist!

6. Friend's sister, 40, ttc for several years, blocked tubes, all kinds of stress in family, mother dying. Mother passes away, stress lifts, tube unblocked by itself and all of a sudden prego naturally!

7. F of F, 42, marries new beau and wants a baby, doesn't even see an RE, just decides she wants a baby and presto! She is prego and gives birth to a healthy baby boy at 43, no drugs.

8. F of F, 39, trying for years, MANY drugs, IVF, IUI, everything, drops her workload as RN to p/t and voila, prego naturally.

8 miracles! Share some if you have some! Everyone needs encouragement. I keep believing in these amazing stories because I know one day I will succeed!
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It was nice of you to write. Keep believing in what you want and you will get it. If you both haven't been to see an RE I would go while you are still plenty young. Don't wait til you're 42 like me! But you will have what you want, just believe. ;-)
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AWw this is great.  I just wanted to thank you for sharing. I don't have a personal story but I do know a friend of my moms was told she would never have children.  She was 40 and they decided to adopt, well 6 months after they had their adopted child she wound up pregnant.  Her son is now 16 but still a miracle!!  I LOVE stories like this.  Hopefully I'm a miracle one day lol.  Been married for 12 yrs, 11 of those years we were "not trying, but not preventing".   Anyways, after everything we've been through I hope and pray one day we'll have our own miracle.  Thanks again for sharing!!! :)
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