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Success stories with IUI and morphology issues

My dh has 1% morphology and 43% motility. We have gone through two natural cycle Iui's and it looks as though the second iui failed. Is there anyone with dh similar numbers who were successful with iui? We are now debating if we should skip to ivf.
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Interesting, we have the same issue. My DH morph is a 5% but count and motility are good. Did your DH go for further testing? We just made an appt for a urologist to see what is causing this. I'm scheduled to do an IUI this sunday but have zero hope for it due to the morphology. with IVF they can weed out the bad sperm but if your DH has DNA fragmentation, they can't tell unless they test for that and that kills the sperm so they never know if what sperm they are inseminating is good or not DNA wise.  Anyway - good luck!
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I wouldn't be too disappointed if I were you because I hear that morphology at 5% isn't too, too bad.  You only need one good sperm so I think you can get it done with IUI. We are going to our RE to discuss what we need to do from here.  This is all new to me so I am unsure as to what our options could be...all I know is that morphology cannot really be improved; therefore, we may have to go the IVF/ICSI route if this IUI fails.  I'm just hoping there is someone out there who has gotten pregnant with these types of numbers.
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