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Hi ladies- Im in my 2ww. My beta is Thursday 8/5. Im going nuts. I have done HPT. Im too chicken to see the results. I was very tempted last week thou. Glad I held out. My transfer was 7/24 we transferred 2 embies a 8bf, and a 7bf. I was told 2 good embies and my uterus was "thick and fluffy". This is my 1st cycle.
I had cramping really bad on Tues and Wed of last week the 27 and 28th, light cramping on the 29th. My back started hurting on the 30th. I work a desk job during the week, but the weekends Im on my feet and my back hurt after about 20 mins of being on them. Otherwise no AF symptoms, but being I suffer from endometriosis. My symptoms arent normal, Mine is lower back back(not like the back pain I felt over the weekend), and I havent had that. Which I dont know if I would since it only happens when AF is "brewing". My boobs dont really hurt except at night when I take my bra off they feel like they weigh 100 pds each,  the other morning some tenderness.
I just dont know what to think. I havent had any mucus but I have been wet down there. I thought I was bleeding and went to the bathroom. But its not every day. The last 2 days I havent experienced it.
Im on progsterone oil 1 CC daily. So I know this can mimic a pregnancy. I just need some stregnth ladies. If you could comment on what Im feeling, and let me know your experiences. Thanks!!!
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Im also very bloated in my abdomen. If I wear comfy close and a cami you would mistake me for being preggers
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*I havent done a HPT
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I'm also on my 2ww.  I have my beta on 8/10.  This is my 2nd IUI with clomid plus trigger.  I had 3 follies.  The only symptom i seem to have right now is this creamy-milky CM.  
A friend of mine did IVF with 1 embie and worked the first time....... you have 2, so I think ur chances are pretty good.  Sending you baby dust!  
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Thanks!! Im praying it works! My DB and a very dear friend each dreamt we had a baby. I cried when they each told me lol. Hormones!!!! Lots of baby dust to you too!! be sure to keep me posted :)
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That is a really good sign:) 2 more days, how exciting for you!!!
Keep me posted as well:)
Baby dust all around!
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