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Symptoms after Being Confirmed Pregnant???

Ok Ladies, I did IVF #3 & was confirmed pregnant on friday.  I have been having very low HCG #'s although they are continuing to double.  I have blue veins (not normal for me) going thru my boob & occasionally had a cramp here & there.  I really am not feeling anything.  This scares me........how should I be feeling?

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Hey sweetie!!!  Congratulations again!  Isnt it strange that no one ever told us that the worrying gets even WORSE when the 2ww ends with a BFP!!??

I'm gonna be 9 wks on Thursday and i dont have a heck of a lot in the way of symptoms either.  Sore bbs and a cross between extreme hunger and queasiness in the afternoons - and some weight gain which I attribute to the huge amount of food that i have been eating to get rid of that yucky feeling.  I have had 2 U/S's and they have confirmed that there is a little bean in there with a heartbeat!

Here is something i read online that made me feel alot better.  You know how people think that there is a correlation between morning sickness and a healthy pregnancy?  Well that is NOT true.  What has been proven is that younger women have more morning sickness and healthier pregnancies.  Older women have less morning sickness and are more likely to miscarry.  What has not EVER been proven is that morning sickness is an indicator of a healthy pregnancy.  So you just hang in there and try not to worry that you dont have a lot of symptoms.  I dont think there are any right or wrong symptoms.  Everyone has a different experience.  

Praying that your numbers continue to go up!


PS - when i expressed the same concern on here lots of ladies told me that their symptoms arrived a lot later - like 8 or 9 weeks.
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I know what you mean! I'm not feeling anything either... just a few cramps. And with my BETA numbers not doubling ...
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm going insane with worry...
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I used to feel something before 12dpo now a days I am also just having same symptoms. blue veins and cramps now and then. And I am quite tired. But really dont feel anything at all.
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Blue booby lines is good. Twinges are good.
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i had cramping like before my period and sore boobs that early.  but everyone is entirely different.  some have no symptoms whatsoever... so there is no "normal"
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Sorry to hear about your #'s.  Hang in there.

Thanks everyone for your imput.  Why does this have to be so nerve racking.  Why can't it just be pregnant or Not pregnant.  
My #'s are def going up..........just scared.
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You are PREGNANT!!!! OMG!!! CONGRATS!!! I'm praying for your numbers to keep going higher and higher!!!
I'm sorry but I don't log in that much anymore :)

Good luck:)
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I've had two betas now and numbers are doubling but I'm experiencing no symptoms other than fatigue and constant urination. Boobs are barely sore but that started with progesterone. Sense of smell hasn't changed. Haven't been even a little but nauseated.  I asked doc about it today and he said be glad  :-)  Not that that's very helpful to you but just know that you're not alone. Not feeling much of anything but my numbers are doubling and doc says I'm good. I will add that my sister had two healthy pregnancies and felt no symptoms until almost 3 months. Hang in there!
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Congratulations !!!
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I am almost 7 weeks pregnant after IVF and have virtually no symptoms (I've seen the embryo and heartbeat on ultrasound, so I KNOW there's something in there!). I know I should consider myself lucky, but after 2.5 years TTC a little morning sickness would be reassuring at this point!
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I know what you guys are going through. I prayed for sickness and all God gave me was a irratating hick-up. lol I'm now 30wks pregnant with twins fron IVF and I still haven't got the normal sicknesses everyone talks about. Be blessed that your numbers are going up, don't be a worry bug like me. ; )
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Hi Kricket,

I am 4 weeks and 4 days PG. I had my first beta on Friday which was 500, and my second Beta yesterday and it was 1492. Although my numbers are doubling the symptoms I have is extreme fatigue and constant urination. Please keep me posted on your progress, and I will keep my fringers crossed that your numbers continue to go up!
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I have no symptom/morning sickness at all and did not feel pg at all till second trismister when he starts to kick me.  I'm 34 weeks pg now.  Please enjoy your pg....we're the lucky ones but I understand that after many IVFs cycles we really want to have some symptoms to make sure we're pg.
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kricket- i did not have any symptoms til close to 12 weeks.  try not to stress too much because its not healthy:)
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