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Symptoms after embryo transfer

I had my embryo transfer on 24 aug.. now its 10 days completed..iam having frequent urination in night times... My stomach is some what expanded in these days.. other than these no more symptoms are there.. feeling soo tense .. is these signs are positive or negative..please suggest me
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you can do a home pregnancy test to tell
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It’s too early to say 10day post transfer. You should ask your doctor when your beta hog test is scheduled for. That will tell you if your pregnant, a subsequent test will tell your doc how the pregnancy is doing.
Best of luck to you!
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Have you already tested? What's the result?  This could be anything. 10 days sometimes is enough for beta but depends on the trigger shot. What did your doctor tell  you? I had 2 transfers and both times I thought I felt something but no, nothing happened. I hope you got good news
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I know this post is old on the point. and that probably you've already got answers. I hope you're on the prego list now. as for the symptoms i believe they are more  good than bad signs. and symptoms differ a lot among ladies. Some have all of  the known. others just some of them (like you). yet others have none --and get prego!! I truly hope this time is your rainbow! Let us know!
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The first and further symptoms are listed here:
Temperature drop (dip) on implantation day.
Implantation bleeding or spotting. A slight staining of a pink or brown color on average 8-10 days after ovulation.
Lower abdominal cramps.
An elevated bbt curve for 15+ days without a menstrual period.
Nausea: as early as 2-4 weeks after ovulation.
Nipple or breast tenderness: 3-4 weeks after conception.
Fatigue: 3-10 weeks after conception.
Vomiting: 3-10 weeks after conception.
Food cravings: 1-2 months after conception.
Frequent urination: usually after 1-2 months.
Softening of cervix: usually not before 6 weeks after lmp.
Lower-back pain.
Darkening of areola (area around breast nipple): after 14 weeks.
wow sunnyday!  Awesome info!!  Hope you come back and share more.  How are things going with your pregnancy??  How are you feeling hon?
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