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Symptoms of Ectopic pregnancy?

I am currently 4 weeks pregnant through IVF however, I've been having some slight pain on and off in my lower abdomen/pelvic area right where my previous c section scar is. My uterus also feels heavy. I have not had any bleeding and have pregnancy symptoms - sore boobs, cravings, tired, back soreness etc.  (my HCG levels were 370 at 11 days past 5day transfer and then 636 2 days later) however, I am terrified this is an ectopic pregnancy - even tho i have not had an ectopic before. i read there is a 2 to 5% chance of this happening with IVF.  Anyone that has had an ectopic, what were your symptoms? did your HCG level rise etc? I have my first u/s on tuesday but am so nervous. I don't remember sharp pain with my son. Do you think I'm freaking out for no reason or should i be concerned about the ocassional sharp pain in my lower abdomen area?
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I did not have any symptoms with my ectopic last year. My HCG levels did rise, but they never doubled like they're supposed to. The risk of ectopic with IVF is the same as with natural conception. I also think that if you are only four weeks, you wouldn't have any ectopic symptoms since "it" is way too small to rupture your tubes like a later ectopic possibly could. My RE even watched and waited until I was past the 6 week mark before tofficially declaring/treating my ectopic.
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I'm hoping i'm just looking into every little twinge I have and this is nothing... but wanted some re-assurances.
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here are my betas from my ectopic last summer:
6/25:  HCG 142 at 4w3d, progesterone = 20
6/29:  HCG 308 at 5w0d  progesterone =  26.85 (very bad beta - 96h and only doubled)
7/1 :  HCG  771 at 5w2d  - looks OK??
7/14/09:  ectopic on right side tube removed

I had no real symptoms as well until about 7 weeks on 7/13 when I very suddenly had severe pain and thought I was miscarrying but had no blood.  I took pain med and was extremely uncomfortable that night with weird shoulder pain and could not sleep(I guess that happens when you get blood in your abdominal cavity).  The next day 7/14 I felt OK after taking ibuprofen and then again suddenly major severe pain and could barely walk. I had an u/s scheduled that morning at 11am so we went in and found out it was ectopic.  
From that experience I would say the main symptoms are:
weird betas
severe pain - feels like you are miscarrying or worse but with no blood
I don't think I had strong pregnancy symptoms early on but then I never seem to.

I think you're OK Kris but I know how worrisome it is.
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Kris hang in there!!  I know it's so scary. I am 4wks4d pregnant and so worried I will m/c bc of one prior but I've heard that with eptopic you have SEVERE pain. If you are really concerned you can call your OB on Mon and ask to be seen that day but I think you are okay. I think if there was something wrong like that you would be doubled over in pain. I've had strange cramping but it's gas :P I've also been told cramping is a sign that your uterus is expanding/growing. It's also important to remember that every pregnancy is different. Some have no morning sickness with one and then sick as a dog with the next so you never know what you will experience. Good luck!
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I had an ectopic this past February and they removed my left tube. When I was exactly 6 weeks, my hcg levels were in the 9,000's and the following day (6w1d) they were in the 14,000's. Which is really good. The only symptoms I had with ectopic was brown spotting, which I was told was completely normal. I didn't really get any pain, just a twinge every now and then, but those happen in normal pregnancies also from what I hear. The pregnancy symptoms I had were extremely sore bbs and lower back pain. That's about it. The only way to tell for sure whether or not it is an ectopic is with an ultrasound. So if they can't tell for sure in your ultrasound on Tuesday, schedule another one in a week. And in the meantime, keep a clear mind and positive thoughts. Best of luck!!!
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