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Symptoms of Pregnancy

I started spotted very lightly today and yesterday.  This morning I also woke up with a sore throat, sore achy body and very sore abdomena and back.  Could these be pregnancy symptoms or am I just being wishful.

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Spotting can be a sign of implantation bleeding it usually occurs right around the time you would get a period just before anyways and can cause some abdominal pain as well. Usually implantation bleeding occurs 6-12 days after ovulation. A sore throat and achy bod sounds like your coming down with a cold.....either way get plenty of rest, fluids, vitamins and eat healthy! Good luck to you I hope you are indeed pregnant!
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pregnancy symptoms usually are the same as pre-period symptoms.  If you know when you ovulated and you know the day af should arrive...test on that day.  then you will know for sure.  :)
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