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I have a friend that says I am absolutely CRAZY.  

I am 42 will turn 43 in August.  I am trying to get pregnant.  Just started trying.  I have been tanning for several years and I am curious to find out if I am jeporadizing my chances of getting pregnant by going to the tanning bed.  
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I don't think tanning will keep you from getting pregnant.  If you do get pregnant or think you are, you should not, it is not wise to overheat your body at that point since your miscarriage risk is rather high.  But otherwise I don't think there is any evidence it is harmful when trying to conceive.

I am 41 and have been trying to have a child for 3 years.  The biggest problem is that your eggs are not as high quality so you have a higher chance of miscarriage (I've had 3).  Otherwise, its not crazy to try to get pregnant at 43.  

Your dr is right you should try to get pregnant right away, but just BBT may not do it.  Have you used an ovulation predictor kit?  They are very useful for determining when you ovulate and when to best time intercourse.

If you don't get pregnant in a few months, you should see a specialist right away.  Although I've gotten pregnant 3 times, mine has me taking drugs to improve my ovulation and chances of getting pregnant.  Will combine that with IUI if that doesn't work.  At almost 43, you should be considering those options.
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I think I read somewhere that they are bad for ttc. Electric Blankets are another no-no. Do a Google search on it and I think the reasons why are there.

Have you had a day 3 panel run yet?  I got pg the 1st time at 41 and lost the baby at 12wks due to a torn placenta from strain. They did genetic testing and all was fine. My FSH has been checked many times now and is always under 8. As you know, we don't have a great deal of time left to try. If you haven't done so already, you may want some tests run to see if assistance may be needed for conception.
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My RE tells all women to stay out of the tanning beds while ttc. Apparently it does something along the lines of depleting the egg quality. Plus it overheats your body....

If you want to be tan try the new stuff from L'oreal it's called Sublime.... It works really good :)
Good Luck!!!
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