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Hi, Further to my previous post -fyi-endometric chocolate cyst removed in Nov 2008, given depo provera one a month for 3 months (dec08, jan09, feb09). It took a while for my periods to return, I got it June09 and July09 but not after that.

So my dr in order induce periods put me on Meprate (medoxyprogesterone) from 9thSep to 16th Sep (7 days) ,two pills a day. Anytime between 2-10 days I am supposed to get my period, but I still havent got it, day 10 today and I have only been very faintly spotting for the last 2-3 days.

Does anybody have a clue about how this drug works esp for someone who had depo provera shots in the past? Will this spotting eventually lead to periods in the next coulple of days? I need to get all my hormnone levels checked on day 3 and then get an HSG done... Please advice.... Thanks
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Usually, your period will start after a few days of stopping the progesterone. I would probably wait a couple of more days, and then call your doctor if you still haven't gotten your period. Best of luck!
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hi.. I went to my dr today and had a scan- they said that my endometrium is very thin and therefore will not end up having a period. Dr has given me med regimen for 28 days- combo of progesterone and estrogen.

Has anybody had this combo and has it worked - PLEASE ADVISE... Thanks
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Oh, OK, That makes sense. If your lining is already thin, there's really no blood to shed. I don't have any personal experience with the estrogen/progesterone combo, but it makes a lot of sense. Basically, the estrogen will thicken your lining, like it normally does when the follicle is developing in the beginning of your cycle; and then the progesterone will mimic the natural progesterone surge that happens after ovulation in the second part of a regular cycle. Then, once you stop the progesterone, your brain should signal your body to shed the lining, which leads to your period. Good luck with everything!
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