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TTC suggestions?

My husband and I have now been trying for a year and still have had no luck. It gets very discouraging and is hard to accept after trying that long and not having any luck. I have tried ovulation tests, basal thermometer, and so many different apps to help keep track. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone else gone through something similar? Everyone around me is either pregnant or just had a baby which I am so happy for them, but again it makes this process even harder then it already is. :(
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After a year of trying u should c a fertility specialist.   People always say it faster and cheaper to check ur husband's sperm count first to rule him out as the possible issue.  They say to have sex every other night as well starting from the last day of ur period. Chwck out "sperm meets egg"  book online
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I know exactly what you're talking about! Everyone is getting pregnant! Literally everyone is having children! And this is so hard for me to watch all this and don't be a part of this baby boom party. I'm so angry at the universe! Why me? I'm constantly asking this question. Everyone around have everything I wish for. They have kids and this is my biggest dream. This is so unfair! Everyone tells me just relax and find some distraction which make me even more angry. The only thing which can relax and distract me is my own child. I wish all of us who dream about motherhood will accomplish their dream very soon.
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Hi, found this somewhere. Thought it might be helpful~
Here are a dozen tips for conceiving as recommended in "Getting Pregnant" by Laursen & Bouchez.
1. Make love with the lights on - Sunlight apparently encourages conception and now studies have found that artificial light also affects your fertility by encouraging regular cycles and keeping ovulation on schedule. In one study one woman was able to control her cycle by sleeping with the lights on for 3 months! Researchers believe that if you have sex with the lights on for several weeks, parrticularly using full spectrum bulbs which mimic sunlight, you can regulate ovulation and conception.
2. Be turned on when you make love - Being sexually stimulated influences the flow of reproductive hormones. Studies show that 20-40 minutes of stimulating sxual caresses before DTD increases hormone levels and encourages fertility.
3. Don't make love under an electric blanket - The low voltage emissionsadversely affect fertility!
4. Limit movement after intercourse - By staying in bed for 20-30 minutes after DTD (preferably on your back with a pillow below your pelvis) you encourage sperm to remain in the body and flow in the right direction. We know this one already!!
5. Retain sperm inside - Immediately after DTD, lightly press the labia together and hold for several minutes to keep everything in position. (Its the book thats saying this, not me!!)
6. Take Robitussin cough medicine - This contains an active ingredient guafenesin and helps thin the mucus in your lungs, but which also alters the CM making it thinner and better able to transport sperm. The book's author says "most of my patients who were unable to conceive solved their own fertility problem by using this simple method". Take 1 0r 2 teaspoons a day beginning 3-4 days before you want to conceive.
7. Avoid alcohol and drugs at the time of conception - We all know about this one.
Wish you all the best x
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