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I am 33 years old. I have three children and now divorced. I had a tubal ligation 9 years ago immediately following my sons birth.

I am now in a new relationship with someone that is well off and wants a child of his own. I am considering having my tubes "untied" at a well known facility in North Carolina. Its called the "CHAPEL HILL TUBAL REVERSAL CENTER". I heard its excellent.

I am looking for anyone who has used them and looking for the outcome of their surgerys.

Thank you.
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Hi Blondi28,

      First congratulations on your new relationship! And second I am in full agreement that Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is the leader in the field of tubal reversal. Have you tried the message board on the site? There are many women (and spouses) that post there all of the time. The board is very active and and the members are very friendly. If you have questions the staff is always on the message board to help answer anything that the members cannot.

I wish you the very best of luck in your journey.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center Message Board: http://forums.tubal-reversal.net/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi
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I have viewed their website several times and also completed the paper work and paid the deposit. Unfortunately, I had a fall and broke my ankle in three places and sprained my other ankle. I had to postpone my surgery til further notice. I am pretty much healed now and I plan on setting another date for my surgery.

The website is great...but you always wonder if the people sharing their stories are real. I just want to be 1000% sure I am making the right move!

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OMG!! Loved that place...that's where I went to try to have my tubes untied.  I say tried, not because they didn't do their job, but because the doctor who tied my tubes cut off wayyyyy to much for them to grab.  But when I was there, I actually saw the women who had successful reversals.  

Good Luck!!! I wish you success.  Husband and I ended up doing IVF and now I'm happily pregnant with twins due in October.
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Thank you so kindly. I had my tubal report sent to them and they said my tubes are a great candidate for the revearsal.
I am hoping and praying this is true! My future husband is so looking forward to being a daddy!!!
Now if I could get this weight off.......

Enjoy your day and thank you so much for the feed back!!!

Congrats on the twins!!!!
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Hi...and Congrats on your relationship. I am also in the makings of saving money and wanting a tubal reversal and CHAPEL HILL TUBAL REVERSAL i s whom Im going to go through. Im wanting my tubes untied because I think I have something called PTLS(Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome). Atleast 8 of the symptoms I'm having, that only occur around my menstrual cycle since I had my tubes untied  are on the PTLS list. I want the symptoms to stop and aslo I want another baby girl.....whether you go to Chapel HIl Tubal Reversal center 1st or I .....please keep me in formed of your outcome. HOPE ALL IS WELL AND THIS HELPS!!
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