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TWW Train Continued 9/25

Let us know when you get your results, can't wait to post those BFP's!!!!! 16 to date out of this forum!!! There is a lot of Baby Dust on this train :-)
**4 new BFP's this week** Have a healthy 9 months!

luvdagiants      BFP!!!!!! Congrats!!!
Crumbs           BFP!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
msteri             BFP!!!! Congratulation!!!!!
ladybugbc       BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!    
Cat2608          BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
kkrk                BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Cill190             BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
puertoricanps1  BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Tracey37          BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Cctice              BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
littlehelpfromheaven  BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
happyplanner        BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
butterflybabies      BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
goldenbell              BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
KellyDO731           BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
sharon7222          BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

BlessedMommy2000  23dpiui
LittleBeab2             32dpiui                
BabyDecker2010     14dpiui
wannabamomma      14dpiui
ashleighnb             13dpiui
waitin4baby            11dpiui  
Snickeritis              7dpiui
naturschld              8dpiui
sunshine8               4dpiui
stillwaiting52           3dpo                
Preciouspg            19dpo
Princessa745        19dpo
kaybee803            27dpo
MrS_L0PeZ           What dpo are you?


If I missed anyone or need to update you, please let me know :) SSBD to all!!

So sorry to those that didn't get a BFP this time. Keep the faith even though we all know how difficult this can be at times. We're here to support each other so if you need to vent or just want to get some advice, this train is the right place for you  XXX
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Hi Everyone,

Well, AF returned once again, which means I move forward into another month.  My man works out of town for weeks on end so not to sure when I'll be back on the TWW, but if you can still keep me on the 'GOOD LUCK TRAIN' that would be awesome. Thank-you Natalie for keeping us all there moving right along.  Sending LOTS OF STICKY BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!...GOD BLESS.
1035905 tn?1252769378
Well it's d14piui and I took a test and got a BFN still no AF yet......

1035905 tn?1252769378
I know the feeling my husband is gone every other two weeks of the summer/fall. (makes all of this even harder) Best of Luck for the future and God Bless!
929728 tn?1256166288
Going in today to check the follices.  I think I will get the trigger today and iui 2morrow.  so hopefully I will be riding the train again soon.

wishing everyone lost of sticky baby dust!
958842 tn?1266516199
Good luck girlie ;)  Looks like are cycles are close ;)
233562 tn?1282771982
I have another question about the progesterone. If my beta comes back negative the nurse said for me to stop the progesterone suppositories. When I stop the progesterone suppositories will that induce a period like with Provera, the oral progesertone?
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