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TWW started July 29th, 2014- Looking for a cycle buddy

Hey! Anyone else going through their TWW?? I had my first IUI on July 29th and I see people get a cycle buddy on here to compare how they are feeling and stuff..anyone interested?
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Hey! I had my iui July 29th! so we are buddies :-)
This is my 5th iui, I had buddies before but now they are happy mommies already and don't come here so often.
My two iuis were successful but ended in early miscarriages. Two unsuccessful. I was also pregnant by my own 3 times but also miscarriages. Total 5 miscarriages.  I was diagnosed with MTHFR - cause of my miscarriages.
Maybe this 5th time will be successful...
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YAY! We are buddy's...so sad to hear about the hardships you have gone through!  You must be sooo strong to keep going! ! As I said this is my first so I have no clue what to expect... my husband and I have been having unprotected sex for 6 years and no pregnancies ever. ..I have been extremely crampy but it seems to have passed now it lasted about 4 days. .. when is the earliest you have done a hpt?
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Did you have any tests done?
I tried to test on 9 pd iui and it showed faint positive. But I wasn't sure if it was still trigger. So tried every day after that and it was getting darker. I bought chip test on amazon, the whole bunch :-)
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Lots of testing before my IUI...everything is fine and in working order for both me and my husband...I blame my infertility on my weight ...I have gained a lot of weight over the past few years from both medical issues and lack of physical activity...cramping again this morning.....feels like I am ovulating...when I had the IUI done they were so positive that everything was looking great....my husbands sperm count was through the roof and I had 3 wonderful looking follicles....I guess time will tell...but I am not sure how long I can hold off buying some HPT and doing them....
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