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Taking Provera

I have curerently just finished my 12 day dose of Provera to start my period so I can begin Clomid. Last time I took Provera I got pregnant with my son. I was wondering how soon after you take the provera does your period come and if I was pregnant then how soon would I be able to tell?
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From what I understand, you are supposed to get your period anywhere from 3 to 14 days after provera.  Mine however was longer and took 18 days!
Usually doctors want to make sure you aren't pregnant before taking it as it has been associated with birth defects, but on the other hand, I've read that the used to prescribe PRovera to women a long time ago to try to reduce chances of miscarriage, but later found out it wasn't nec. good for pregnancy afterall.  IF you are charting, YOu won't really be able to tell if you're pregnant now unless you take a pg. test.  YOur temps will indicate being high (like after ovulation) anyway now since Provera is made from Progesterone which is what the temp hike is due to in a natural cycle.
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My doctor also put me on Provera last month, then Clomid on the 5th day of my cycle.  I got my period 17 days after my last pill of Provera (I thought it would never come as I also used Provera before and I would always get my period WHILE I WAS ON MY LAST PILL).  When my period did not come right after the Provera, I was starting to worry.  I got scared--what if I was pregnant and I took Provera?  But before I took Provera, my blood pregnancy test was negative.  My doctor also wondered why Provera did not make my period come.  They took all the tests they could and found out I was normal, including ultrasound to see if everything is doing okay in there.  Two days after my ultrasound, my period came.  
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I got my period 5 days after I finished my 10 days of Provera.
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my period came today! I start my clomid in 5 days so hopefully i will be pregnant soon!
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to add to your comments even though this is an old post it took me 3 days to get my period after starting provera, then I found out last month that I was Pregnant! It was the Provera that did it, so just fyi for those that are ttc and having problems with irregular periods that Provera did work, even thought its not what thats supposed to be used for, it caused me to ovulate lol my husband and I were so excited. I missed my period like normal and didn't think anything of it then missed another month and decided to take a test and wammo preggo. I am 11 weeks so good luck all of you who are ttc. My husband and I spent 14 months ttc, and are so grateful that the wait is over. I was on Depo (evil) for two years prior and it played havoc with my body, after I got off of it I had a period every day for 7 months then they just stopped and I had no period for several months, (that was the reason for the Provera) but don't give up I know its frusterating and disapointing to see that little (-) but hopefully all of you will get a (+) :)  
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