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Thinking about trying a fertility diet....

So i would love to hear any comments questions success stories anything at all. I was reading there isnt much research backing this up but i have heard that eating good foods and cutting out sodas can help but im a really picky eater so i would like to hear what yall have to say about it b4 i decide to sacrifice all my fav. foods for nothing.
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I would love to know more information on this too! I cut back on all caffene and would love to start eating healthy! Thanks :o)
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lol well im not a healthy eater but if it means getting pregnant im willing to give it a whirl. i'll keep researching online i found a good book but reports on it say theres no proof to bk it up and that they didnt test on infertile women so im not sure i would kinda like proof. Yeah i know u cant have caffeine you also cant have anything that contains hydrogenated oil and u cant have processed meat like hot dogs.
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Good, I will look and see too. I am had problems conceiving my second child and I am TTC child #3. So if I find anything I will post it as well. GL and Hugs :o)
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I think the main thing is to eat fresh foods, nothing canned or package.Try to stay away from refined sugars and although it's damn expensive try to eat organic. Good luck with it. I myself am a chip and chocolate girl and it's killing me to stay away from them.
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Thats the good thing about me, I am not too big on choc and I love chips and dip. I haven't bought dip in a week and am trying to avoid it. I am hoping to completely cut out chips too. I am allergic to nuts, and most candies contain nuts or Peanut Butter so I can't eat them anyway. And shoot it wouldn't hurt me if I lost 25 lbs in the process!  Baby Center has a great article I am reading now that is about the fertility diet for moms and dads to be!
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im a chocoholic and fast food addict so eating this way will be very hard for me lol!! i hear ya mommy it wont kill me either if i lose like 15lbs in the process ive gained alot of weight since i stopped working. If u find some good info post the article we'd love to see.
Anne-Whats refined sugar mean? i know some about the organic not much but some.
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