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Morning Dear,
   Could you do me a favor and look at my chart?  What do you think?
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Wow Katie,  That is one curious looking chart.  CD20 looks like o until you see CD23.  CD22 is a toss up since it's questionable. I'm leaning toward CD20 still. The fact that there were 3 low temps in a row and very consistant make it look the most convincing. I've had plenty of 2dpo dips that were way below coverline. Yep, I'm sticking with CD20. FF will probably put o at CD22 though.  

FF changed my o date this am, too. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/184936
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I know it looks like an earthquake reading!  I still don't understand all of this.  DS was so easy!  A big giant OOPS when I wasn't ready!  Now...ugh!  I was telling DH that this is rediculous!  I spent so much money last month in fertility aids..i.e. preseed, new thermometer, opks, clomid (which my insurance doesn't pay for!) ...etc!  I could scream.  I really hope this is the month.  I can't do this much more!
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I hear you. If I had all the money I've spent over the last 20yrs, I could adopt 10 kids, lol. Thank God they didn't make opks in the early years for me. My dr gave me one more month of Clomid, but I don't know if I want it next cycle if this one doesn't work. I guess I'll cross that bridge later.
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Well wouldn't ya know....they crossbarred me at CD20!  WOO...just 9 more days before testing!
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Wow, I figured they would do cd22. What do you know, lol they actually agreed with me, hehehe  Now if only ff would agree with my o date. Either 4 or 6dpo for me. So we're right on in the wait together. I think I'm going to hold out as long as possible this time. I'll see how that goes. HA!
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Hey...how are your temps?  I went up today...is that a  good thing?
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