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To All the Two Week Waiters out there.......

Has anyone started having any symptoms yet?? If so, what are they? Has anyone tested yet??
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Hi!  Nope. No symptoms here!  This is my third IUI  (7dpiui) and I'm not really hopeful because we didn't have alot of sperm.  I won't test until next Friday and I'll do a blood test anyway...When are you testing?
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This is IVF attempt number 2. My test is Wednesday Sept 10. I'm day 7 after my transfer. I'm feeling pre-menstrual symptoms: some dizziness and dull cramping. I saw that those progestrone inserts may cause those pre-menstrual symptoms. I'm really hoping that is the case.
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My progesterone supps. are making me have pre-menstrual symptoms too! Good luck to you!
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I'm 2DPO, only symptom I'm having is the symptom of thinking I'm having symptoms:)). AF due the 16th, not sure what day I may become a poas-aholoic,  last cycle I started @ 2dpo, I'm glad I have not had the urge to pee.  On a stick that is:) SSBD 2 every1
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I'm 5/6DPO...trying not to think about it, so I can't remember which I am.  I'm also trying to resist the urge to POAS!  I've gotten acne breakouts this week, as well as my BBs are full.  Maybe still be from ovulation....who knows!  I'm trying to stay positive, but I don't think this is my month.  AF is due 9/14...Good luck to everyone!
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I am 2DPO and zero symptoms here!  I am not going to start testing until next Friday the 12th.  I'll be 9DPO then.  :)  That's probably too early but I love to POAS and already bought my cheapies.  :)  LOL!

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Latrice-loved your comment, "the only symptom I'm having is thinking I'm having symptoms"-FANTASTIC! I've been keeping myself as preoccupied as humanly possible for that very reason. I'm 9dpiui  #2 and not hopeful....no symptoms. Not to sound too defeatest, but am actually ready to stop tyring for a bit. Of course I want this more than anything....but a little exhausted of the let down.

Fingers, eyes, toes crossed ladies!  Good luck to everyone and have a great weekend.
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Latrice, you're hilarious!

I have a ton of symptoms:

~sharp cramps all day long
~yellow cm for the last 10 days
~not sleeping well
~vivid, epic-like dreams
~sore bbs
~stuffy nose
~just feel different

And I think those are enough for now :0)

Sunday is 12 dpo but I'm going to test tomorrow and see what happens.


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Yay Sue!!  SSBD!  Wow those symptoms are looking really promising!!!  I can't wait to hear what happens tomorrow!!!!!!!
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Thanks! I'm soooooo nervous! Tomorrow is only 11 dpo so nothing may show up. Last year I got a neg on 11 dpo and a pos on 12 dpo.

God, I'm so scared of being disappointed again. My hopes are sky high right now. I don't know why I do this to myself :0(

Thanks for the dust!

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~back pain
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We do this to ourselves because it is a way to survive.  We want to feel like we're doing something to ttc and not just sitting on our hands.  Oh yeah, and by the way, I just FedExed another load of Super Sticky babydust to you-let me know when it arrives.  I sure hope it doesn't mess up your driveway! You know how sticky that stuff is!  
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Shouldn't be a problem cause we live in a condo and don't have a driveway.

Did you send it overnight or 2-3 day?
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Well i try to send a little humor because i no ttc and the 2ww can be so depressing, and hopefuly a giggle or two would brighten up the forum:))

Sue, with those symptoms you have to feel like ****, right about now i would love to feel that way too:)) Sounds very promising for a BFP

Amy, how ya been, yea its to early, are little egg probably is still in the fallopian tube doing its cell division lol

Everytime i go to bathroom to pee i get excited thinking im going to see some faint spotting or something, Im 2dpo implantation has not even occured lol. Thats why the only symptoms I'm having is the symptom of thinking I'm having symptoms.  

I think the 2WW causes women to temporarily be delusionaly and hallucinate. Im sitting here lmao because i just pee'd on a stick, lol and i swear i see a freeking super faint line, DF took the other 2hpt i have, he said its only one line and no more testing for your until friday. LOL wow at being 2DPO. I dont like being temporarily insane, anyone got some medication to make this go away, better yet, anyone got an extra hpt:))

Well ladies i hope this is the month for all of us
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You definitely deserve the award for "#1 POAS Fanatic" Latrice!!!  You crack me up!!!  

If I want to REALLY make things up in my head...I do feel some sensation in my lower left side...maybe it's that eggie swimming through my fallopian tube!  Go egg go!  :)  

Most likely the sensation is just gas!  I did have Taco Bell for dinner!!!  LOL!  :)
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Your  so funny! LMAO.... I'm in that two week wait myself the last two weeks I have been

Snezzy, Fire bb's, nauseated at times out of no where, bloated, and today i started to spot. so hope I hope its implantation bleeding and not aunt flo. Its very light. And dam i have been moody as hell. Well thats what my DH says.lol
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All my life, i never had spotting before AF, my best friend gets spotting 5 days before her cycle all the time, that blows.

Nina, im hoping that is implantation bleeding going on, how many DPO are you and when is AF due.

Amy, i think its the egg moving right along the tube:)) MMMM tacossss, thats my favorite, DF would kill me if i make them again, ive made them every week, guess i will make me a personal 2mrw lol

Sue, im sending you some SSBD and a magic wand to wave over your hpt before you test.

Ok ladies im of to ZZZZzzzzz land. Im very TIRED and have a HEADACHE lol :))  (pointing to my previous comment about Only Symptoms)

Good night,ladies, i have a lot of people to pray for 2nite and SSBD to all.
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It was sent overnight-I hope that's okay and your condo isn't flooded!  Just in time-one day til testing for you!

Latrice-I LOVE tacos and my poor dh-I make the same thing over and over and over if I like something. I've made deep dish pizza going on four weeks in a row...yeah...   By the way, I hope you get your implantation bleeding this time around!

SSBD to all of us TWWaiters!
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Hey girls my names Kristen and im also in the TWW. It really ***** wondering everyday if I'm going to get a bfp this cycle but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. So far im only 2po and my nipples are extremely sore. I don't even want to touch them! Im feeling very sleeping and lazy Sharp pains in my side and lower belly but I think this could all be from ovulation! Who knows. But anyways Im happy to be in the wat with many others. I always try to keep a positive attitude and know that even if AF shows up I have the chance to start all over again! Yay
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Need to add another one:

~prominent veins on my shoulders and arms, DH can see them, too.
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Ahhhh shuckssss, im not having any symptomsssss, sue, borrow me some of yours plz:))

Williswifeyy, w/c to the 2WW, throw some of that positive attitude around the room because i think im starting to become very moody waiting, i dont have no hpt bcuz DF hide them and he's watching my every move lol. Boy 3DPO 8days is a long way from now. O
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Im just checking in to see whats going on with everyone, anything new, any symptoms?  Well i just have little twinges to righ side and sometimes groin area and to lower thigh, not sure what to make of that. But other than that i still feel like the plan ole non-preggo me:) Hope everyone had a good weekend and kept busy from testing/

Im not going to lie, i have a itch to test, is this what people who are on drugs feel like, i need an hpt NOW.

When you ladies use opk and get yur surge, is that the day you count DPO or by the signs and symptoms you have. Im 4pdo, 5 days is far from now to be testing. I think im going to $tree 2mrw and pick up 4 test.
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I got my surge last Tuesday and counted ovulation as Wednesday...so Thursday was 1DPO for me.  I just assumed that my surge was detected early on Tuesday...and even if I'm wrong...it is to my benefit to think I'm one day behind instead of one day ahead.

Hope that makes sense.  :)
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ok, thanks
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