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To early??

Hello Ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! Well today I am 11dpo, and I caved..took an hpt and it was negative..(digital one)...Not due for AF till Sunday! And its just sooo frustrating cause when I got my bfp back in june I didnt get a positive till 14dpo and I kept telling hubby that I knew I was getting AF ...all my pregnancy symptoms were AF symptoms...so for the past 2days my nipples are sore (tmi) and normally when I get AF they are sore but its more my boobs that hurt and not my nipples (when I was pregnant it was nipple pain) been having gas for 2days now to..actually DH said to me the other night..are you preggers? I said why you ask..cause you have gas like you did before LOL..( I was really gassy last time)..and Ive been having cramps for like 3days now..which I normally dont get cramps until like 2 days before AF...So I dont know what to think? Anyone get a negative 11dpo and then get a positive days later??
Thanks Ladies
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I think that you did the hpt too early.  There are women who get their BFP's at 11dpo but you'll get a much more accurate result at 14 dpo.  I got mine at 14 dpo.  I was too afraid to take it any earlier!

Based on your symptoms, it's very possible that you're pregnant so don't give up hope!  I hope you get your BFP - jen
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Thanks for responding! I am soo hoping its just early! I know last time I didnt get a positive till 14dpo...but its still disappointing to see the negative no matter what..LOL..
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Negative results are the worst! I was so tired of getting them, when I was finally pregnant with my son I didn't find out until 15 dpo b/c I waited until then to test!! I hope you get your BFP!!!
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Sorry about the negative even if it's early.  I am really hoping for another bfp for you soon-soon-soon!!!!!
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I did not get postitives until 13 dpo. Wait a few days. :)
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Well, I'm hoping you and me are pregnant!!!  You sound just like me, the gas and all!!!  I'm trying for my third child, and want to test around day 12, just to prepare myself for a negative from my blood test which I'm doing on day 14. Feeling crampy, just like I did with my two other pregnancies.  I've never experienced implanting bleeding, has anyone here actually had it?  
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Good Im not the only one going insane during the 2ww...well last time I got my bfp..on 12dpo I had slight spotting..I even said to hubby oh I got my period early...well I used a tampon and when I went to the bathroom to change it there was only  a few spots..I also had spotting 13dpo..both times it was bright red but just spotting..So I thought for sure I was getting AF...had all the symptoms to...got a positive hpt 14dpo...
Today is 12dpo and I had some spotting earlier, just went to the bathroom and its gone..but feel like Im getting AF ...OMG this truley *****....I just want to know already...either AF get here full force or get a positive hpt! Why couldnt pregnancy symptoms be different than AF! Mother Nature is so cruel..We have enough to worry about , we dont need to worry if its AF or BFP! LOL
So because of my previous experience I dont know what to think this time since I thought for sure I was getting AF last time I got a positive...
Good Luck!
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You're so right about the symptoms being the same!  Right now I could think my period is on it's way, for sure, and I'm only 5dpo.  Do you normally spot before a period?  If not, sounds like it could be the implanting!!  I remember from my two pregnancies, I tested on about day 12, and got positive results.  You haven't got long to wait.  Hoping it's a BFP!
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Hey hun, I feel your pain!!!!!!! I hate that the symptoms are the same lol!!! I am 12dpo today and having headaches, af cramping and aches and feeling light headed - all possible pregnancy symptoms but also all possible signs af is on the way!! AAAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hope you get that bfp babe I am keeping everything crossed for us both - would love to be your bump buddy!!!!!! :o)

**********baby dust and glue***********

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