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I have a RX For novarel this month... apparently its hard to come by, its pretty limited here in the US the RE's office was saying.. do yall think the generic would be just as good? its only 8 dollars cheaper than the real deal, but can't find the actual brand  name novarel anywhere around here in time!   What do yall think?
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I used the Novarel and got it with no problem.  I called The Apothecary Shop in Phoenix and they can fedex it over night, and it was not expensive.
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I don't recall having any problem getting it, either - but your RE should be able to tell you whether or not the generic is okay for you!  Generic rxs are really more about the individual person, due to conflicting meds or other things that the person may experience.  A quick call to the RE should give you the right answer!

Good luck!
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My doctor called it into Shraft's pharmacy.   (It's part of Walgreens, but for specialty drugs) They will fedex it over night to you if needed.   Hope this helps!
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Thank yall so much for your help!!! i appreciate it!! i just gotta get that follie to rupture this cycle and don't want to take any chances with a sub-par injection! thanks! : )
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