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Trisomy 16-please help

Hi.  I just got the test results back from my fetus.  I miscarried for the 2nd and possibly 3rd time.  It shows that the baby had trisomy 16.  Anyone out there have any stories about having a healthy baby after this?   My husband and I will get blood test done this Friday and begin Genetic Counseling in the next few weeks.  If anyone has any information about your chances of having a healthy baby or if it is not a possibility I would love to hear from you.  I am 33 and my husband is 39.  Amy
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im so very sorry for your loss, that is horrible.  I dont have any info on trisomy 16 specifically but wanted to let you know how sorry i am.  I have heard that many early miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities and it is very possible to go on to have a healthy baby after that, Best of luck to you....
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Hi!  I'm sorry to hear about your repeated miscarriages.  They are the hardest things to go through.  I hope I can offer some info for you.  I had 3 consecutive m/c only to find out that I had a chromosome problem called a balanced translocation.  Some of my eggs are good and some are chromosomally bad.  It's all a matter of chance and a genetic counselor will be able to tell you exactly what your chances are of carrying to term.  Each person is different.  I'm happy to say that I am now 28 weeks pregnant after losing all three of mine before 8 weeks.  It can happen and sometimes it all depends on persistance.  There was not enough fetal matter to test any of mine but they were most likely caused by the chromsome abnormality.  So far everything seems good with this pregnancy.  Just a warning though, when you do get pregnant with that healthy baby, the worry will never stop.  It's one of the side effects of having several m/c.  Good luck to you!  Melinda
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So sorry for your loss. I am 41 years old and had 1 miscarriage before my 3 year old and 3 straight miscarriages after my 3 year old due to trisomy 16. The last miscarriage I was 11 weeks, and we heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks, when I went at 11 weeks the heart stop beating and it said I was back to week 6. I had genetic testing and dr said we were both fine, they dont know what happened. I am grateful for the 3 beautiful children I have, but I give up trying again from all the miscarriages. The pain and suffering is overwhelming. Good luck to you.
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My wife had 3 miscarriages. For all 3 there was no heart beat, no fetal pole.
Miscarriages were happened within 1 to 2 months. Last time we checked kareotyping for product & it was found that trisomy 16 caused this.  We did kareotyping 2 times for ourseves . In one time tests showed normal count but  telometrric association on multiple cromosomes for my wife. I am very confused as doctors have different views. Someone is saying that it might repeat & so you should try with ivf with donor egg.  Someone is saying you should try normally & it has a chance of normal pregnancy. Can anyone suggest what should I do now. .
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