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Trisomy 16

Hi,I had aM/c in Dec 05 at 10 weeks.Not much tests were carried out as to why it happened.Again in apr,06 I got pregnant and m/c in aug,06 at 22 weeks.The conception samples were sent for  it had a full trisomy 16.Both mine and my DH genetic testing has been done and its shows normal.Mine question is,Will i ever be able to have full term babies????Does trisomy 16 reoccur in the next preg???I am just scared i will never be able to have a baby.Please help.
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I found this link..Trisomy 16 I am not so familiar with...I know with Downs Syndrome, which is a relative to this disorder is a chance game that increases with age....

I am very sorry for your loss, you are in my prayers....
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I had a Trisomy 13 baby in April of 2002 which I delivered at 34 weeks gestation.  We didn't know we were going to have a Trisomy 13 baby until I was actually going in to the delivery room, due to my water breaking early.  I ended up with preeclampsia and we had to deliver for my safety and the baby's.  Our baby girl had a lot of complications and only lived 25 days after she was born.  We had genitic couseling afterwards, and they told us it was a fluke that it happened, and that we would be able to conceive again, that there was nothing wrong with my husband or I genetically. Since then I got pregnant and delivered a perfectly heathly baby in March of 2004.  No complications what so ever, and now my daughter is 2 years old, healthy as can be.  However, I just recently became pregnant again in August 2006 and lost my baby at 12 weeks.  I had a d&c in October and had the contents of that tested.  It came back with a Trisomy 16 abnormality.  Although it said that Trisomy 16 was one of  the common problem of miscarriages in most women, I can't help but think we are back to square one.  I am beside myself and very upset with the findings because of already having a Trisomy 13 baby.  We can try again, but I am now more afraid than ever of going through this again.  Not sure what the future holds yet, but I do know that we have a perfect little girl and are blessed to just have her in our lives.  So if there is anyone out there going through this or has gone through this, I would like to hear your story.  It helps to know we're not alone. Thanks
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In January 2005, I had a perfectly healty baby boy with absolutely a dream pregnancy.  In December 2005, I got pregnant again but had a missed miscarriage in February '06 and was scheduled for a D&C.  We didn't have genetic testing done because it was my first miscarriage, we attributed it to a fluke.  In October '06, I got pregnant again but miscarried again and had to have another D&C.  This time we had genetic testing done and found out yesterday it was caused by Trisomy 16.  Now I am terrified to get pregnant again for fear of another miscarriage or having a baby with birth defects.  We have always discussed and wanted to have two kids, I just wonder now should I count my blessings with my son and not go through this again.  I am 35 so feel like my window is closing and the risks are getting higher.
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Last year I miscarried at 13.5 weeks and was told after my D&C that it most likely died due to a chromosomal problem like trisomy.  Almost exactly a year later I lost another pregnacy at 12 weeks (Dec. 21, 2006).  After the D&C we got the same information, miscarriage due to a trisomy defect.  I have twins that are 11, a six year old and 4 year old.  I want to try for one more, but a am also very scared of having a miscarriage or a child with chromosomal problems.  I am 34 and am scared to try again.  But my window is closing too so if I'm going to do it I need to go forward.  I have made an appointment with the hospital, with a genetist, whom will, I hope, be able to answer these issues.  If I get some valuable information I will try and post it, for those of you who are wondering.  If anybody else has some info, please pass it along.  For those of you who have similar histories, do you by the chance ovulate later than day 14?  I read there may be a corrilation between that and miscarrying.  I do ovulate later than day 14.  Let me know!
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I am 24 and just had a miscarriage at 14 weeks. The test results came back as Trisomy 16. I am so scared to go get the blood work done for fear that I may never have kids. It took us 6 months to conceive and now I just feel hopeless. Is trisomy 16 genetic? Do I carry it? Does my husband carry it?
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Dear Rednmoo,

Trisomy disorders such as Trisomy 13, 16, 18 and 21 are almost always random occurrences, one of those tricks of nature. This is to say that the chance that you or your husband carry it is very very minimal. I am not very well informed about Trisomy 16, but I recently had an abortion due to Trisomy 18 which was found in my fetus. This was a first baby for us and we went through very tough times, and hey, I am 33. Full trisomy 18 is again a random condition, thus we could have healthy babies. The chance of getting these kind of disorders grows with maternal age, especially after 35, so you have nothing to worry. Apparently Trisomy 16 is the main cause for miscariage in the first trimester. So many women who miscarry may have had it without knowing.
You are very, very young and have plenty of time to get 5 kids if you wish. So I wouldn't worry too much. It is unfortunate and emotionally tough time, I know that, but you will get pregnant again.
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My wife had 3 miscarriages. For all 3 there was no heart beat, no fetal pole.
Miscarriages were happened within 1 to 2 months. Last time we checked kareotyping for product & it was found that trisomy 16 caused this.  We did kareotyping 2 times for ourseves . In one time tests showed normal count but  telometrric association on multiple cromosomes for my wife. I am very confused as doctors have different views. Someone is saying that it might repeat & so you should try with ivf with donor egg.  Someone is saying you should try normally & it has a chance of normal pregnancy. Can anyone suggest what should I do now. .
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