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Trying to Conceive.

I've been trying to conceive for a few months now, I stopped Depo-Provera at the beginning of August & switched to Ortho-cyclen birth control pills but Im not longer taking them, I've only had one period since stopping birth control Aug. 29,2013 & I had intercourse Sept. 28, 2013. I believe Im having Implantation Bleeding for about 4 days, its not heavy like a period, mostly dark brown discharge early today it changed colors from brown to dark brown to dark red & now dark brown again the bleeding was very light &  mostly came out only when I wiped & now its almost gone. If I am pregnant am 3 weeks & 4 days. Im a right that this is Implantation bleeding & not a period.?
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A clinical examination and work up is important for determining whether you are pregnant or not. After stopping birth control methods a woman can conceive anytime. She can conceive within few weeks to months .The time varies in every woman.
Since you had unprotected intercourse after stopping pills there are chances that you could be pregnant. Hormonal imbalances, infections of the cervix or vagina, PID are few other causes of spotting between periods. This spotting could be due to implantation. Wait for your periods. If periods are delayed take up pregnancy test.Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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Thank You. & I will.
but on October 10th I went to go eat breakfast & this small gush of bright red blood came out I only needed a panty-liner not heavy like a period & after a few hours it decreased & became a dark brown color again the same thing happened today except the gush of blood was smaller & a little dark & it once again decreased & is now brown.
Im very confused & I dont think its implantation bleeding anymore, Ive read people have had bleeding like this & were pregnant. Im gonna wait until the bleeding completely stops to test.
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