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Trying to be hopeful

I'm currently in my tww, at 10 dpo today. This is our 3rd cycle trying to conceive after a m/c in December. This is the first month I have felt calm and hopeful during the tww. I'm trying to hold out until mon or tues to test because i'm sick of bfns! Yesterday I had quick, sharp pains in my left lower abdomen that lasted a couple of hours. Today I had very mild af like cramps for a little bit. I'm really hoping that this could possibly be implantation, and not just from an ovarian cyst that I got last month.
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Keep the faith... it will happen for you and ur partner.
i wish you all the best
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The 2ww can be brutal.  Hopefully this will be the month!!!  Are these natural cycles or are uyou doing fertility treatments?
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Thank you. Yes they really are.. And my last cycle was a three week wait, which was so much worse! Natural cycles, no fertility treatments. I conceived first time we tried last year but had a missed mc at 8 weeks. I just dont know why it is taking so long to get pregnant again.
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Anyone else having a problem even visualizing getting pregnant after trying for awhile? I cant even imagine that it is going to happen anymore, and I don't know why. I am going to test tomorrow since i'll be 13 dpo, but I am so depressed today already because for some reason I dont feel like I could possibly be pregnant.
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BFP!!!!!! I tested at 2 am and got an immediate positive, not even a faint one but a true one!
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many congrats to you.
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A million congratulations! So happy for your great news xD
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