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Trying to conceive

Hi! My hubby & I have a precious almost 3 year old son. We started trying to conceive 3 months ago and so far with no conception. We never "tried"with our first child so this is new to us! We are over 35 years old so I was looking to see how long we should try before we take any other steps. And do you have any suggestions on things to do now (like ovulation kits)?! I sincerely appreciate any good feedback and insight. Thank you!
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You may consider trying till almost next few months. You should take certain steps for maximizing the chances of conception. You should have sex during ovulation days.Ovulation predictor kits can help you detect when you will ovulate. This enhances the chances of conceiving. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should take a balanced and nutritious diet. There are many vitamins which can help in ovulation. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption and regulation and normalizes the development of healthy follicles and increases chances of conception. Calcium helps in egg maturation.Vitmain B6 is useful in women who have been suffering from luteal phase defects .Vitamin C supports ovulation by stabilizing hormone levels and aids in iron absorption. It also boosts the immune system .Iron balances ovulation. All these vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy conception. Take a balanced diet rich in all these vitamins and minerals. Exercise daily and reduce weight if you are overweight. If you still do not get pregnant in next few months then you may need evaluation to rule out secondary infertility. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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Thank you very much for your comment! It was encouraging and full of good wisdom. I eat a diet high in a variety of plants and also supplement with organic plant based supplements.it was neat for me to learn from you why I am taking each of those vitamins.  Thank you for your time! I am working out to take off 5-10 pounds so it also encouraged me to keep at that. I struggle with getting enough protein in my diet could that affect chances of conception? Again, thank you for your time and help!
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