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Trying to concieve with no drug, any suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

This will be my first month in months trying to concieve with no drugs.  I actually have to travel on business this month for an entire week so my doctor has suggested that I wait till next cycle to start again with Follistim.  The day I return is my anticipated date for ovulation so I'm praying I have luck on my own this month with no drugs to stimulate my ovaries.  Any suggestions on any over the counter meds I should use to try to assist?
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You should check out any foods that encourages fertility. They won't be your miracle but every little bit counts. But i got pregnant using Clomid. First time and Bam after 4 years of trying. GOod Luck i hope you hit it right!
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have you tried the ovulation predictor kits? Clearblue digital is the best and most user friendly in my opinion. It tells you the best 2 days for conception. Or you can just try bedding day 10-16 if you have a 28 day cycle.  (You can try every other day on day 10 through 16 or if you and DH are overly ambitious, you can try every day.) :)  You also might want to try preseed if you feel like your cervical mucus might not be as plentiful as it needs to be.  Pre-seed is a natural lubricant that is "sperm friendly". CVS now carries it. The only other advice is try to relax and not stress about it. I know this is easier said than done. Good luck!
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