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Ttc...positive pregnancy test after chemical pregnancy

So basically I’m about 6 to 7 dpo... I got anxious and decided to take a pregnancy test and it turned out positive, However I am very nervous because 3 weeks ago I had a chemical pregnancy... I’m wondering is there any way I can prevent it from happening again? A friend told me to start taking vitamin b6 right away and that it would decrease my chances of miscarriage greatly.. how true is this?
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I don't think anything decreases chances of miscarriage like that but DO take a prenatal vitamin.  They sell those OTC if you don't have a prescription.  Congratulations!  It seems very early to get a positive test though!  When is your period actually due?  Did you use a first response test?  The test was read correctly, right?  You didn't leave it sit or anything like that?  
Thanks so much! I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. I went today for blood work, I’m hoping everything will be fine. My period is supposed to start in about 8 days. I used equate early response test,  The faint line came up right away, just very faint.
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A_joines,  I hope it all works out for you,  but as SpecialMom said,  this is really early for a test to be detected.  I think you should brace yourself for the possibility that the Early Response Test picked up your previous pregnancy,  with the HCG not quite being completely out of your system.

To go from a very early miscarriage,  to pregnant and testing positive again in the space of 3 weeks is unusual.  

I do wish you well,  and know that if you aren't pregnant again,  chances are high that it will happen for you at some point soon.
I’m really hoping its real. I did get blood testing the day I had my miscarriage and they said my hcg levels had went down to 3.03 which was pretty close to normal range.
I took an ovulation test last Monday and it was positive, so I should be about 7dpo now and my app says my period should start in 8 days so I’m hoping this pregnancy is viable. I went today to get hcg blood testing, waiting on my results now.
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Hope you post back with the results - best wishes!!
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Thinking of you today,  A.  Hope you're doing ok.
I’m doing good, I’m currently 9do, and I have an appointment scheduled tomorrow. I’m still getting faint positives, but my fingers are crossed that things will go well!
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