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Unexplained Infertility- should I try a lap?

Hey ladies- I was reading that unexplained infertility is merely the inability for the docs to diagnose, so would it make sense of have a lap if this IVF fails? I feel like obviously there is more than bad luck happening here, and I feel that I really need to know so that I can move forward, so that is the next great diagnosic tool, no? They will definitley find out more with the IVF, but if  that fails (or even if it doesn't) should I request a lap at some point? Has anybody had any luck in diagnosing their "unexplained infertility"?

Any info would be really helpful.

Thank you ladies, and good luck with everything!!!!
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I have Unexplained Infertility. We are trying for 1 year but still nothing. All my reports are normal.I ovulate every month and get periods regularly.RE said my  DH's count n motility is excellent.But still dont know the reason. This is my 3rd IUI and 2 round of clomid ,still waiting for results.
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HI Carla, Unexplained is the most frustrating thing in the world. I suffer from secondary infertility. Had my first baby successfully. Conceived very easily. i was 35 at the time. When he turned a year (i was 36), we tried for #2. It's now been over 2 years and still nothing. I had 2 failed IUI's and 1 successful IVF but miscarried at 8weeks due to chromosome abnormality. There is no real clear cut answer for me except dr's said it COULD be my age - but now at over 2 years later - i have just turned 39 ugh).  I have had laproscopic surgery, 2 HSG's, umpteen blood tests. At any rate, did your dr advise Laproscopic surgery to see if they can determine something? I had it (all looked fine for me - uterus, tubes etc) and it was very painful recovery and in the back of my mind, I wish i hadn't done it because i just feel all that poking and prodding in there can't be good for anyone. Do what you feel you think is right and under the recommendation of your dr provided you trust him/her  though. good luck with the IVF!!
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Some Dr's are more willing to do a lap. I had endo and still elected not to do the lap. The reason for this is because you can get more scar tissue that will build as time goes on. This can then add more difficulties to getting pg. Maybe a lap would work for you but make sure you think about the pros and cons. Best of luck with your IVF!
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Thanks ladies. I think I will hold off on the lap for now and see how the IVFs go. I agree that maybe the pain isn't worth it if there doesn't appear to be a blockage. Besides I have enough pain coming may way :)

Good luck to all!!!
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