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Unexplained Infertility

Hello to you all,

I'm new to this forum.  Me & my hubby were diagnosed with unexplained fertility.  Does anyone else going through same problem or not able to conceive naturally 3+ years?

It's been a very lonely & hard journey for me for the last couple of yrs.  Just wanted to see if anyone suffers from infertility.

Thanks everyone & nice to meet you.
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Hi there.  So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. What tests did you have done?  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost two years.  It is so very hard and frustrating!!  I have cysts on my ovaries and don't get a regular period, and my husband has a borderline semen problem.  We are on clomid right now in hopes that it helps me to ovulate and hopefully get pregnant this month.  Last month the preg test was negative.  We are not sure what happens next if clomid does not work.  We are both so wanting to become parents.  Are you looking into alternative fertility treatments like IUI or IVF?  Best wishes for you both!!
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The DH and i have been dx with unexplained INFERTility.. it is a very stressful journey.. but we are here together and understanding our situation.. i am doing my very first IUI this month i am so SYKED .. i hope you relize that you are not alone .. DONT give up .. much bug hugs to you ...

*:O) erika
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Welcome!  :)  We too have been in the dreaded "unexplained" category for almost 3 years.  We have had all the basic testing, even tried ovulation inducing medicines, but no luck.  Are you seeing an OBGYN or an RE?  What tests have you had done?  I understand exactly how you feel.  It's bad enough to have trouble TTC, but when it's been so long and there's no definite reason, it's incredibly frustrating.  Not to mention seeing pregnant women and babies all around.  It can get sad and overwhelming at times.  These have definitely been a few difficult years for us as well.

After being brushed off repeatedly by my OBGYN and pushed toward IVF as my only option, we finally decided to see another one that specializes in infertility and after a through exam and review of my monthly charting and symptoms, he's already suspicious that I have 3 problems - lack of CM (cervical mucous), progesterone deficiency, and endometriosis.  I've just started my first step with him which is a complete cycle of bloodwork and am really hopeful that we might finally get some answers.  So anyway, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and don't give up!   I'm not sure if you've ever seen a specialist or not, but a second opinion is always an option.  I wish you all the best!  Take care, and let us know if you have anymore questions.  :)
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CANDIE429-  how are you? "dont you start with seeing preggie women and babies" lol yesterdday we where are church and OMG i have never seen so many newborns in my life..the DH and i looked at eachother and had to sit back and kinda take a small breather..i hope you IVF journey is treating you ..MUCH hugs to you .... and hope you Enjoy your MANIC monday.... i am off for my very first iui appt i am so scared ... BUG HUGS

*:O) erika
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You are NOT alone.  DH and I have been TTC since Oct 2006.  We got a BFP last year, only for it to be snatched away with an early m/c.  We've been trying ever since.  We had all the tests done, and other then DH has a small morphology problem, my tests have all come back great.  We know that my tubes are not blocked and I am O'ing.  I have a textbook 28 day cycle.  It's just so frustrating to have everything working the way it should, but still no BFP.

I did Clomid for 2 cycles, Femera for 1 and am back to Clomid this cycle.  With the intent being better quality eggs and more targets for DH's swimmers.  We are working towards an IUI in June.

Candie - did your dr diagnoss you with a lack of CM?  If so, how?  I think that may be a contributing factor for us.
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Oh, thank you so much you kind ladies.  It's comforting for me to know that there are others who go through same thing...

Me & hubby, we are both 34 yrs old, have already seen OBGYN then moved on to RE... gotten most tests done including HSG & SA & All the blood tests done and everything came out normal.  We are currently taking a break from all of it.

I have regular period every month & ovulate every month.  Only thing we haven't tested was laparoscopy but I don't see me having endometriosis.  I got really frustrated and got even tested for HIV and of course, NEGATIVE.  

So, we don't know why we can't get preggy.  My assumption is that the sperm don't even make it to my uterus... for some reason.  Or, implantation issue... I can only suspect you know.

My CM is not a lot, I see it like for one day only... I mean, how much CM do you really need?  I've already tried Robitussin and didn't work for me.  
Candie429 - maybe my problem is too "lack of CM (cervical mucous), progesterone deficiency."

I got put on chlomid one time and didn't work either.

I'm hoping that IUI is way to go.  And really hope that works cause IVF is soooo expensive.  

How much does IUI treatment run... I HATE that insurance does not pay for infertility treatment.  Sick!  does anyone know of any financial assistance? Oh, best wishes on your IUI ladybug82 & bam1014!

Baby dust to you all!  KIT!
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Sounds like we are in the exact same boat!  I only get one day of scanty EWCM.  Have you tried Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) or pre-seed?  I've seen a huge number of success stories with pre-seed.  We're going to use that in combo with the Clomid this cycle.

As far as the cost of IUI, it all varies greatly.  Depends on if you are monitoring with u/s and what meds you are taking, if any.  I hear that the injectibles get really pricey.  My insurance covers diagnostics, but not treatments.  So as long as my RE codes all my appointments right, then I should just have to pay for the meds and IUI itself.  I'm guessing it's going to be around $400 - $600.
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Yeah, I've tried pre-seed, several times... no success.  (T_T)  I've cried many many times over the years... now I started accept the fact that I might never get preggy.

But not lost all hopes since I've never got IUI or IVF.  Oh, I haven't tried  EPO yet.  bam1014, where can I purchase this and the dosage please?

If you don't mind me asking, what's your BD'ing schedule like?  everyday during ovulation time or every other day?

Thank you so much for your help.  Lots of baby dust to you....
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You can get EPO anywhere, I got mine at a GNC store.  I started taking 500mg - 1 in the morning and 1 at night, so a total of 1000mg.  Didn't notice much a differance, so upped it to the 1300mg pills  1 in the morning and 1 at night, for a total of 2600.  Anything under 3000 is fine, nothing more.  I did notice more of a differance then.  The most important thing to remember is to not take it after O, so it's important to chart or OPK.  It can cause contractions in the uterus, so it will effect implantation.  I would strongly recommend doing some googling on it if you are going to try it.

Also you can search medhelp.  I have a post called "Vitamin Supplements for Improved CM" over in the m/c forum from 10/29/08 that has a lot of info in it.

I've tried all sorts of different timing.  If you send me a friend request, you can feel free to look at my O Tracker.  This cycle I'm going to try abstain for 5 days leading up to + OPK.  2 cycles ago, we abstained 3 days.  I've tried every day, every other day, the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, etc . . .

I know how you feel.  I allow myself to cry once a month, when AF shows.  Then I pick myself back up and try try again.  One of the things that has kept me going is to try something new every month.  Like a few months ago, I switched DH strictly over to boxers.  The next month I found a new vitamin for him to take, Then we tried Clomid.  So I feel as long as I'm doing something different, then maybe something will stick.  I too am really looking forward to the IUI!!  We will never be able to afford IVF.

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I am sorry you are also going through the "Unexplained". I have been there for more than 20 yrs now. I have had every test under the sun done. There is still no reason for my infertility. All tests have come back good, no clotting problems, all hormones in right range, lap was good, all u/s came back good including lining. I hope they find a reason for you. It is really hard to handle when you don't even know what the problem is.

Have they checked for clotting disorders? MTHFR? Done the hamster test? There are a zillion tests out there. Unfortunately, most insurances only go so far. It has been a very $$ journey for us.
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Hi!! WE are also unexplained and been ttc for 2yrs 2 mos. We've had all the blood work, semen ana., tubes flushed and a Lap, been on clomid for 3 cycles and just finished last round of Femara(letrozole)3 cycles and done our 2nd iui on may 2.  I o on my own have plenty of eggs and dh's sperm is great and above normal and thats after about 36hrs of abstanice. My uterus lining is great at o time (8.9).  But I never see cm my doc says its there not a lot but I have it but I check for it at o time and nothing. But we bypass that problem(if it is a problem) with iui.  My gyno tried everything she could for us before referring us to fertility spec. My cycle is every 26-28 days. It is frustrating not knowing the reason but thats life I guess. We just have to stay positive and have faith that it will happen someday.  Luck and prayers to us all on bfp's!!!!!!!:)
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I am so sorry that all of you wonderful ladies have to struggle with infertility.  I guess that just goes to show that things really are in God’s hands, but it really is hard to go through every cycle.  I guess knowing the reason and still not being able to conceive really wouldn’t make it any easier, but it is certainly upsetting when you feel like you are doing everything right, all of your tests are showing you are healthy, but still nothing.  There has to be a disconnect somewhere!  

ladybug82 - I know!  I don't know if I'm just more sensitive to it these days, or maybe it's because all the people I know are getting to the age where they are married and starting families, but it seems like EVERYONE is pregnant!  It's so hard to see those other pregnant bellies and people holding their little ones, but we just have to keep praying it will be us someday.  I didn't mean to confuse you.  I'm not having IVF, that's just what my doctor kept pushing.  We're still trying to figure things out.  Good luck with your IUI!

For those that asked about CM, my doctor has me doing very detailed charting of my CM (it's part of an overall women's health program he does) and I didn't see it for as many days as you should.  I have tried the cough syrup in the past and the pre-seed, but what really seemed to work for me was the FertileCM supplement (from the same company that makes the FertilAid supplement).  I'm considering going back to that.
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Can you take the FertileCM while on fertility drugs like Clomid or Femera?
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Hey there! I am actually reading a great book right now that you may want to pick up. It states that there is no such thing as infertility. It is an amazing book and has changed my view of trying to concieve drastically. Its called The Infertility Cure. It is written by a doctor and has amazing views on fertility (or lack there of). I can send you the author's name if you are interested.

I used to feel like there was no answer for us either until  I started reading this book and it has brought us so much hope.
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What's the books name?
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Oh forgot to mention. Have anyone tried acypuncture or chinese herb medicine?

We are also in the unexplained. I had some stage 1-2 endometriosis but that is it. We have a son from IVF and now trying for our second naturally.

Well I am on Clomid this month and hoping that we hit the right day of O. We certainly tried our best. Bding 5 times in 3 days. One little swimmer most get there right?

I have also been charting my BBT for the first time and it seems to keep raising after O. That is normal right?
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Its called the infertility cure by Randine Lewis!
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bam1014 - I'm pretty sure you can take the FertileCM along with Clomid or Femara, but don't quote me on it!  :)  If you google it, there is a website dedicated to both FertilAid and FertileCM and I know it gives guidance on that.

jmh2005 - I really think I  need to read that book!  The new doctor I've been seeing also doesn't believe in "infertility" either.  The approach he uses operates under the belief that "infertility" is caused by some other underlying disease that needs to be treated.  This has given me so much hope too and I feel like we're on our way to better things!  :)  

anetski - Good luck to you!  I know, one of those swimmers is bound to find his way, right?  :)  Let's hope!!!  I did try the FertilAid, which contains herbs such as vitex.  It lengthened my cycles a little, which is good and made me think it was helping my O, but it really seemed to make my PMS worse, so I stopped.  I've heard it help a lot of women though.  Do you take fish oil (omega 3)?  I've read a lot about how that can really help reduce inflammation from endo.  Your BBT charts sound perfect!  Your temps should always rise after O, usually by about 0.4 degrees or more.
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I  am also diagnose with unexplained infertility.
All my tests resulut came back normal.
My RE said everything looks perfactly normal for you and
I just cant understand why its not happening for you?And if there is some problem you will only know abt it if you will go to ivf.
She suggested to wait for 3 to 4 more month as we didnt finish ur first year yet.
Then she suggest to go for IVF instead for spending so much money on multiple IUIs as ivf has very high success rate in this situation.
and   ivf can use both as diagnose and treatment procedure.
She further said that there is 60% to 75% chance to have baby in our situation considering my age(30) with ivf.
So I just wan to know what your doctor  said to you abt this situation.plz help me .
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