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Upside down uterus

Hey ladies, I need your help.  I just had my hystero done this am.  My tubes are opened.  The only thing I noticed is that my uterus & tubes are completely upside down, not tipped or right side up.  Looks like a regular triangle or right side up pear with the tubes at the bottom.  I've surfed the net & can't find anything.  I do these tests normally, & I have seen all sorts of uteri, but my co worker & I agree, we have never seen one upside down.  Looking for any input.  I don't follow up with my OB/GYN until 2 wks.  Backround info is that I am not overweight & generally healthy.  I had had 2 lt sided groin surgeries, so don't know if there was some possibilty that the ligament that holds your uterus up got nicked alond the way.  Thanks!
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Really upset that when I need other peoples help, it's not available.  I have always made a point to help other people, b/c I know what it's like not to have answers.  I just want some help, & if you don't know just say so, I will appreciate your help, regardless!!!!  What sometime pisses me off is that I have never recieved ANY help from the so call community leaders.  I have given more help to others than they have given to me.
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Hi felsha,

I'm so sorry you haven't gotten any answers yet, but please don't think it's anything personal...it's just a very unique situation you're in. I've never heard of an upside down uterus before. I would definitely ask your doctor about this and how it would affect TTC and a subsequent pregnancy. I was recently asked to become a co-community leader, but I'm just a regular person TTC like everyone else on here, and I'm definitely no expert. I am very sorry you feel that the community and the community leaders have let you down, but please know that it was definitely not done on purpose. I try my best to answer as many questions as I can when I have the time.
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My, my....snippy, snippy!

You yourself said that you have never seen anything like this, so chances are that no one else has seen it either.

When a post is not answered, it's usually because no one has any information to offer.

Wait and see what your OB/GYN has to say about it.
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I just had an hsg today too and my uterus was upside down as well! The doc and the rad tech that happens to be a close friend have never seen that before. My ob gyn appt isnt until two weeks either. But i work at a really good hospital,so if i find out anything i will post it :) i have been having problems getting pregnant for the last year and a half...but i do have an 8 yr old! So keep the faith. :)
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So far i found out its called Anteverted. But u,like me maybe severe. What ive researched so far says Anteverted is a slight tilt forward and there is another name for if it tilts backwards. Im not sure which u r hon. I will definately post ,when i find out more:)
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mine too was completely upside down too I have been looking the net for almopst 6 months now and I cant find anything like it i have been trying for 3 years now to become preg and nothing my doc said that everything should be fine and that it has nothing to do with it but im the only person who thinks it does its not forward ot backwrads but turned right upside down I cried my eyes out for weeks afterwoulds
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Hi.  I haven't heard of an upside down uterus, but my HSG showed that my uterus is t-shaped.  Honestly, I'd never heard of that either!  I hope you get the answers you're looking for. I've since learned that my uterine lining is pretty thin & I'm thinking the combination of the two is why I'm not getting pregnant.  My doc keeps trying to steer me towards IVF, but we're just not ready.  Maybe in another few months.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone ;)  I'm glad Hope8168 can offer you support.  I posted after my HSG & no one else was in my situation.  Best wishes to you!!!
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Hi there hun. Im not sure if i can help at all but you are not alone. i have an upside down uterus, the doctor has told me it was nothing serious or nothing to worry about but I have been trying to have a baby the last few years with no luck. :(  
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Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.  I'm now going on 5 1/2 yrs with no luck, but I try not to lose the faith.  I do feel that it does have something to do b/c of the extra turn or the bent angle or something.
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i can't imagine how you feel.  we've been TTC for just under 1 year, but already moved onto IVF because of unexplained infertility.  your posts make me wonder about my inverted uterus.  every OB/GYN appointment, RE appt, or during HSG/ultrasounds they always say "inverted, trilameter" - no one has every raised any concerns, but your posts make me wonder if it could be related to infertility.  I'm going to do a bit more research now - thanks!
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Hello. I am sorry for your situation. I have always been told I had a retroverted uterus. After my third child, i started having very severe issues with pain during relations with my hubby, bleeding, and extreme pressure. I was just told today that I have an upside down uterus.  I feel awful saying this because of being blessed with kids, but from what I understand this situation makes it hard to get pregnant, but also would make a pregnancy dangerous. As the baby grows, it can get lodged between your tailbone basically trapping it where it is. Obviously, that is a problem. I would certainly talk to your OBGYN and make them listen and give answers...just cause it is rare doesn't mean you shouldn't have somebody on your side figuring it out! Thats what they are paid for. Anyway, I do hope the best.
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I was told mine was upside down and backwards!  I dont know how thats possible but the RE said it was due to endometriosis.  I had lap surgery to remove endo and that must have fixed things(along with meds) and I am now 28 weeks 1 d pg.  Good luck.
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Just a hopeful happy note for you all, i am 34 and i have an upside down womb (uterus). I found out 5 years ago after already having had 2 children. I now have 4. I would just like to say that every time i have conceived i could swear it only worked because i would lay upside down with my legs up in the air against the head board for about 15 to 20 mins after sex. Whenever i tried to conceive without doing that it never worked.
A professor told me about my womb and said it shouldn't make a difference but it does, and going upside down worked, along side an ovulation kit for the last 2 babies.
Good Luck ;)
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My friend just told me her uterus is upside down.an she also mention that she got rapped when she was young.Did that happen to any of you ladies do you think thats why its like that.
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Hi guys,
I heard lately from my boyfriend that few of his female relatives experienced the same problem, uterues movement/ turning. He told me its very common now and not all doc now about it. The treatment is simple, he said a massage from an expert old lady. Usually chimes and Indians now very well about this problem especially old ladies. His sis was trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years and she went to the doc and she got her on many medication but no luck untill she went to an old lady and did a special massage. She got pregnant 2 months later. I personally didn't try it and it's my 1st time hearing about such thing but I think you guys should give it a try since its safe and risk free.
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Hi I was told over 18yrs ago that my uterus was put back in upside down and that I could not have anymore kids, but they are just ppl not God low and behold 3 1|2 yrs later I had a baby that's now 15yrs old and very health and on genuis level, so God has contol here so just keep your faith best wishes... Ladyjay75
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Hi dear,
thanks for sharing. however, i've just done an hsg and the results showed that my tubes are ok - but my uterus is facing upside down. i just dont know what caused it be in the earlier scans that i have done before, it was in the normal position.
In you post ive not understood what you meant by lying upside down. Is it lying on your back & lifting your legs in the air or lying on yr stomach? my email is ***@****
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