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Uterine Polyps

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know whether the chances of becoming pregnant increases after removal of uterine polyps.  Do you know of anyone who was able to get pregnant after removal of the polpys.  We've been trying for over a year, then found out that I have 4 uterine polyps.  I am scheduled to have them removed, but really want to know whether my chances of becoming pregnant will increase? Thanks for reading.
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Don't worry girl, all will be fine.  I had one removed in sept 2009 & am now pregnant with Twins.  I did have to go thru IVF because of other reasons but it has worked & it will work
for you. Best Wishes!!
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Thanks so the inspiring message Kricket, and congratulations! What a wonderful feeling it must be.  I wish I will have that wonderful feeling one of these days.  
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I had a polyp as well and now have an 11 week old baby girl.  We had to do meds also because of age related fertility issues mostly.  Good luck.
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Hi there
I saw your post and it was the first sense of "smile" I have had since diagnoses for endometrial polyp discovered and not ruling out further sinister adenocarcinoma !!
We were going to commence IVF a month ago and then the pollop was discovered so I had to have it removed as per procedure. Then went in to see doctor to get results (as above) to finally commence IVF but now this !!
I am exhausted and drained I don't quite know what or where to go for support advice ect. I am wondering whether to seek a second opinion as my doctor is very relaxed and not too personal about discussing things in detail and when your totally new to this IVF let alone this new revelation of the polyps its very frustrating.
He has said I am to have a device placed inside to release progesterone over next 2 -5 months and he can then monitor ant reversals in polyp development ect before deciding if I am all clear to commence IVF.
I do hope this is cohesive and you would be kind enough to share some wisdom experience with me God bless and thank you for listening.
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