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Does anyone know how much a varicocele repair cost without insurance? My boyfriend needs the repair and seeing how he was laid off in December and lost his insurance we are now responsible for paying for it if we ever want children.  And of course the Dr delayed in telling us that this was the major problem. So here I am trying to get some sort of amount. Please any help will be great. Thanks  
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You can call your area hospital and ask for the cost.  It depends on how they are doing the surgery also. ie:laser, outpatient....ect.... but the hospital can give you a cost.

Hope this helps!
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I would hold off on surgery. Is your boyfriend seeing a urologist or are you both seeing a fertility specialist? My husband has double varicoceles (one in each testicle) and the urologist told us the only hope we had was to do surgery. I was not willing to put him through that since there were no guarantees that it will work and there are reprecussions later on such as erectile dysfunction. We were finally referred to a fertility specialist who told us that the surgery does not really improve morphology which is what varicoceles affect. We were so glad we didn't do it. Our fertility specialist encouraged us to pursue IUI (intrauterine insemination) to assist the sperm in getting where they need to be. We put my husband on a multivitamin and 2000 mg of Vitamin C, as well as took him off caffeine and improved his diet. We did IUI and it took after the second try. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant. Without insurance our fertility specialist charges $250 for the IUI. They will do a sperm wash that I believe runs around $100. Good luck.
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He is seeing a fertility specialist and his dr told him that there was at the least a 70% chance that it will repair the morphology and correct our issue. We have had 3 failed IUI's and one more then we have to move to other fertility treatment maybe IVF which is something that we really cannot afford seeing how he lost his job and I am working and going to school.
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If you go w/ surgery, I would say to have it done in an outpatient surgery center as opposed to a hospital.  After my miscarriage I had a d&c at an outpatient surgery center and the total was around $2000.  Then, I switched drs and the new dr found a septum that needed to be removed. I had that done at the hospital and it was $13,000--for a 1/2 hour surgery (not including drs fee and anesthesia--that was just for using the hospital's operating room/equipment).
Not only that, the surgery center was nicer and they had one nurse do pre-op and post-op. At the hospital I was handed off to a bunch of different people. In all, the surgery center was a vastly better (and cheaper) alternative to the hospital.  
Finally, sometimes if you talk to someone ahead of time and say you are paying cash, you can negotiate a reduced rate.
Good Luck!!
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I do know that there is an option to have it done by laser now.  You may want to check into that.  It is less evasive, and let tramatic.  My husband had the varicocele done several years ago, when the laser was just being introduced, and it was a tough surgery on him.  
I would highly suggest doing the laser if at all possible.  Please do some research.  And, FYI, his counts and mobility have Not improved Greatly.  We have moved on to IVF.

Good Luck and God Bless!
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I agree with the others I would maybe weight until you have insurance. I've heard from others that it can cost $13,000 w/ out insurance. With that amount of money it would pay for an IVF cycle and give you a better shot at a BFP : ) My DH also has a varicocele and he hasn't had the surgery yet. I've heard it helps 50% and the other 50% it doesn't help at all! Good LUCK!
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Oh, but I did think of the upside to his having the surgery.... My DH's was so blocked it took 4ever to "finish" at the end of bding.... the varicocele definitely made that alot shorter!  I am grateful for that!  ha ha!  Don't know if that is your experience or not, but it definitely made the surgery worth it for us!!!  


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He has a great sperm count. This is his sperm count Motility- progressive 1% motile 40% non-motile 59% motility index 1+ should be 3 or higher. Normal form 2% abnormal 98%. I am so confused and not sure what to do. I have researcher some but not a whole lot. He is seeing a male fertility doctor and he seems to think the best thing for him is the surgery. I also have PCOS an I just feel that we are 2 infertile people that will never make a baby. This crap is so overwhelming and I am just not sure about it anymore. Sorry need to vent some thanks for listening ladies Best of Luck to all of you.  
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Don't give up I have PCOS as well with hubby's double varicoceles I didn't think we would ever get pregnant either. I would do some research on how dietary changes can improve morphology. The vitamins can make a difference. I took 2000 mg of Vitamin c as well to improve my cervical mucus since clomid can mess with it. My husband's count and motility were not really the issue. He had 2% normal forms on the more extensive test which the name escapes me right now, but we were able to get pregnant. Good luck.
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