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Very high FSH at age 32?

hello everyone,
I'm 32 and just started seeing a fertility specialist.  I've done 2 day 3 blood tests and my fsh levels were 18, and 15 respectively.  I'm going for another day 3 this month next week and see the specialist 2 wks after.  this will be when i get to talk to him about the results.  This is my first time going through this and i'm not sure what these high fsh levels indicate.  the nurse during one of the tests had said i had 6 follicles.  This is all so new to me and frustrating as since the levels were so high i did not get to do further testing on those cyles.  even the sono was postponed and since i have yet to see the doc (2 wks) i'd like to know what sort of questions to ask him.

Any input would be appreciated. thanks.
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The question that I would ask first would be what my chances of getting pregnant on my own are. Considering your age, your FSH levels do seem high... Anything over 10, I was always told, is considered bad news. It is usually an indicator of premature ovarian failure, which means your eggs may be of poorer quality and conception may be difficult. However, I HAVE heard of women that got pregnant on their own and had successful pregnancies with those kind of levels, but, unfortunately, it may indicated some trouble for you... I guess you can also discuss with your doctor what your options are at this point. Hope it all works out for you :)
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There are a couple of supplements you could try to help with FSH. First off, I have heard repeatedly about wheatgrass helping women to lower their FSH by several points. I personally take the wheatgrass tablets since I don't really like the taste of the wheatgrass juice The other thing I would consider is maca root. Is a good thyroid booster and hormone balancer. If you do both of those for a few weeks, hopefully your FSH will come down a bit! Maybe also CoQ10, royal jelly, and a baby aspirin every day. I've heard alot of good things about baby aspirin being able to help improve blood flow, so improving blood flow to the ovaries could theoretically help the FSH level.

My guess is that there is some sort of hormone imbalance, not an issue with your eggs being bad. When the hormones are out of balance, the ovary isn't working as well and can kick out an egg that is not chromosomally normal. But if you can work on getting your hormones into balance, I think everything should be ok. You are VERY young! Good that you are starting to try now! I didn't start TTC until I was about 40!

Last thing, I have heard excellent things about acupuncture being able to topple high FSH levels! (as in levels MUCH higher than yours even!) I started it recently myself and so far I love it! But I am taking off this month to have a laparoscopy, so will pick it back up again next month. Good luck to you! Keep us posted!
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thanks ladies.  I'm actually taking royal jelly and will now look into acupuncture. Since it came down to 15 I'm thinking perhaps the royal jelly did help after all.  It'll be interesting to see what he says about my chances of getting pregnant.  It's more knowing what the problem is so i can try to fix it to improve my chances.

I'll update you after my appt.  Here's to hoping to some good news.
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Hello, well good like in ur FSH treatment! hope everything will be ok and this problem will be solved asap! :)

I just came home, had an appointment with my gynecologist...i'm 29 years old and i decided to go through IVF! the bad news is that i have a high FSH, and even with the injections that i'm started 7 days ago, i only have 6 follicles in one ovary!

My IVF is this Wednesday 11! and i still don't have enough eggs bcoz of the high FSH...So i think it's time for you to begin with the IVF!

My gynecologist said that it's preferable to start the IVF at our early 30's, because the percentage of getting pregnant will be around 55%.
Anyway...good luck my dear! it's really hard to wait when we decide to get pregnant..

I'm praying for you...:)

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Sorry for my bad english, i am french educated! :)
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No probs Rozy :)  thanks for the positive words.  when you mentioned IVF i'm thinking that may be the way so soon?  I was thinking maybe he'd start me on clomoid but it seems the high FSH levels may require more intensive treatment/options.  

Did you decided to go right to IVF or did your doc recommend it?  I'm really looking forward to find out what our options will be.  I was hoping for a less invasive treatment.

Good luck with your IVF and keep me posted.  I will also keep you in my prayers.

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Hey Foxyjo,

Hope ur doing ok...My egg transfer in this Friday 13, and the egg retrieval is Monday 16!
My doctor postponed the ER bcoz of the high FSH, my follies are growing slowly, so he gave me more hormone shots!

Now i only have 7 follies, their size is good enough to do the IVF.

Yeah, my doc recommend to go right to IVF, maybe bcoz it wasn't very high, i forgot what is my fsh level.

Anyway, it's better to ask ur doc, if you really wish to have a baby soon, don't wait!

have a nice day, kisses
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