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Vicodin and getting pregnant.

After 2 unsucessful IUI's, I just had my third IUI a few days ago and have been taking a vicodin for a broken foot for a few weeks now.  My doctor knows I have been taking it and has not told me to stop yet? Does anyone know if this can hurt my chances of becoming pregnant? Can this medication cause stress to my body and prevent a possible pregnancy? What are the risks if I do become pregnant? Any feedback would be help. Thank you.
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Actually Vicodin does lessen your chances of getting pregnant.  It messes with your prolactin levels.  Right now, I am going to be tested for irregular levels and can not conceive.  I was only on Vicodin for 1 wk and it totally screwed with me.  All opiates can make your testoterone and prolactin irregular.  Tough the pain out, its not worth it. PLus that sh*t is ddicting and makes you too tired to be active.
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It is fine to take when pregnant.
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vicoden is used during pregnancy so it shouldn't cause an issue that i know of!
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