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Visiting fertility specialist

Hello,  I am seeing a fertility specialist this coming Thursday since I have had three miscarriages within a year.  I have talked to genetic counselor because the cause of second miscarriage was abnormal chromosome - we don't know about the first and third one.  The genetic counselor said that there was no heritic issue for both of us and told us to try again.  The third one just happened in May.  I got my period a few days after confirming pregnancy with HPT.  My Doctor is sending me to a fertility specialist now and I just wanted to ask those of you who have been through what I just described what was the first appointment like, if there was any painful procedures, what kind of test and procedures I am expecting, what they ask you...

I have started to see an acupuncturist also.  At this point, I am trying anything to be a mommy.... I am sure some of you understand...
Thank you.
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I am sorry for your losses.  I have just had a m/c 4 weeks ago after ivf.  To answer your ?  the first visit is very basic, lots of talking, blood draws and maybe look at your ovaries, possible semen sample from husband.  Then they start to make a plan for you based on that.  Nothing in my experience as you continue is painful don't worry.
I do have a ? for u though, how do you deal w your loss, i am having a difficult time and top it off i just found out my brother and sil are pg due 3 weeks after i wouldv'e been?
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Hi, I am so sorry for your loss.  No one knows how sad it is unless they have been through what we have been through.  

With my first one I was just shocked with confirming pregnancy becasue I was totally ready for a long conception because of my age (I am 34) and history of cramps, cyst in one of the overies, and fibroid.  I confirmed my first miscarriage at 8 weeks and I knew it wasn't a healthy pregnancy through early ultrasound.  so I didn't have time to get too excited or sad and I could focus on taking care of myself for the next one.  With the second one though, at 6 weeks ultrasound, everything was fine. Strong heartbeat, good size, and everything was normal.  I was in tears and so happy that I could walk out of the office with a picture in my hand, but I found that I miscarried again at around 9 weeks.  They sent the tissue after D&C and the chromosome came back abnormal.  Now that hit me hard.  I really thought that I would be fine and was ready for the journey.  

In my opinion, there is no easier way to deal with it.  Cry when you need to, treat yourself, think about what you can do when you are not pregnant - traveling, eating sushi, going to gym without being careful...  Try to comfort yourself. Your body's been through a lot. I have a friend who miscarried with me (my second one) and now she is about 16 weeks.  She got pregnant right away after her first loss.  I did get pregnant too three month after second one and was happy to have a prego buddy, but you know what happened.  I saw her about two weeks ago and she was a bit heavier and being careful what to eat.  Was I jealous??  As much as I was happy for her, I was so sad thinking I would have been about that big too.  Due to my age, I see so many pregnant friends and it DOES hurt to compare myself with them.  There is no easy way out.  What I have been doing is that I tried to be open with them.  I tell them what I have been through, try not to have secrets, and try not to make them feel sorry for me.  I still believe that I will be a mommy one day, so it's not like my friends can have kids and I can't.  Just my kids will be younger than theirs.  I know it's hard, but because of what we have been through, we can only be stronger and become better people who understand pain.  You also will be fine.  You will think about our forum one day while changing dipers.  Cheer up!  I wish you all the best.
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