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Vsentz and Marie1210

We are all so waiting with fingers crossed to hear good news from you guys...!!!!!!!!  I think you both had U/S planned....
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Thank you for asking!!  GREAT NEWS!!!  I'm so happy.  I hope vsentz gets good news as well.  They sent me yesterday for an u/s to see what was up and I saw a beautiful little baby.  The heartbeat is up to 167 and the little arm and leg buds were moving like crazy.  The baby is measuring right on time.  It measured at 9 wks and technically I'm just nine weeks today.  I was so relieved.  I'm still walking on egg shells, of course, but I am a little more relaxed.  We haven't told any family about this pregnancy yet.  I plan to wait awhile. We definitely won't say anthing until after the 12wk mark anyway.  They are keeping my original u/s date of 9/27 and hopefully everything will continue to go well.  I really hope everything goes well for vsentz.  It will break my heart if she doesn't get good news.  Thank you again for asking about us.  This forum is exactly the kind of support we need and definitely why we come here.  Take care!  
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I am so, so happy for you.  Congrats!  Sounds like things are going well.  I know you are relieved.  Enjoy your GREAT news!!!
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I'm still praying for you and I'm sure vsentz will get good news also.
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OH, wow, what great news...Now you can rest so much easier. It's so amazing to see that ultrasound w/the bean moving all around. I am very happy for you.
V! come in!!
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I'm soooo happy everything is ok!!!
Now you can relax a bit and enjoy your pregnancy.
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So sorry Melinda.  I called you Marie...like your screen name.  You got me so excited....lol
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Congrats Marie!!!!!  That had to feel so good to see your little one moving around in there!!  Keep us posted on how your doing! :)
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You can call me Marie.  It's no problem.  Marie is my middle name anyhow.  I am enjoying the good news.  I don't take anything for granted though.  Each day I get with this baby is precious and it puts me that much further from m/c.  I can't stop checking the toilet paper though.  I guess that's just human nature.  I don't think I will every totally relax.  Probably not even after the baby is born!  =)
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Wow!! So glad to hear good news.  Now if Vsentz checks in with good news that will be even better.

Good luck to all!!!
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thats good news. i am excited for you!!!!

still waiting on vsentz???

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AAWWEEEEE GIRLS!!!! this is so sweet!!!

Well.......after SHAKING, CRYING, AND POUTING for great part of the morning....., oh yeah, and feeling SO SICK i almost threw up in the car on my way to the sonogram.......got there, .....COULDN'T FIND the damn place!!!! and after like half hour finally we made it in.....i changed,.....kept shaking.........got in the room.........the smeared jelly all over my belly........

didn't see anything......




so, she sticks that throbe in my hoohee....ya know.....vaginal ultrasound.....

and here's what we saw:


Say hello to baby Sentz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))

a little hear beat of 112, she said that it was way to early........and BOY! as soon as i saw baby and little teeny tiny heart pumping as fast as he/she could I BUUUSTED IN TEARS right in front of the nurse and dh!!!!! HOLY MOTHER OF THE FREAKING MOST AMAZING THING IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot describe what i felt there girls.....it's just a kind of LOVE that i cannot tell you.....i cannot find the words to explain how INMENSE this is........i am flooded with LOVE and light from our CREATOR right now....my heart is ready to EXPLODE and i already feel SO PROUD of this little pea!!! fighting for life!!! i am ONE PROUD MOTHER!!!! i am sooooooo lucky and SOOO BLESSED!!!!!!!

oh boy......*breathes*......

ok im done.......lol ;)))
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Oh man! i forgot!!!!!!

Marie!!! our prayers worked!! and all the girls' prayers and good wishes!!!!!! our little angels are FINE!!!
I am so happy to hear you and little one are doing PERFECT! i am so happy!!!! =))
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Girl, you have me tearing up looking at your little bean!!!  You kept scaring me when you said you saw nothing.  I am soooooooooo happy for you.  

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Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  What a beautiful picture of your little bean!!!!  I bet your heart is soaring!!!  I'm so excited for you.  Hope I get to see a picture just like that next week.  CONGRATS again!!!!   What a great feeling!  {{HUGS}}
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paranoidpattie- girl!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you sweetie!!!!!!!!! thanks for all your prayers!! they worked!!!!! =)) lol...sorry about the scare!!! =))

nwmom- YAY! I almost wanna grab your hands and start jumping around with you!!!!!!!! =))) i am sure your lil' one will have one strong heart beat!!!!!! mine was only 112 but she said it's because it was really early.........*crossing fingers* PLEASE!!! push it baby! push it to over 150!!!!  i know you can!!!!

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My prayers will continue for you and baby Sentz. I'm so glad everything went well.
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Girl YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I told ya COMADRE.Tia...I mean mommy.I'm so happy for you & Brian.WOW,what he'd say?What'd he do???? My little niece or nephew AWWWWW.I'm crying looking at the u/s.BIG XOXO's to the Family!!!!

REST & don't stress.Your in my thought & prayer's &  KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!
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Oh hooray!!! I'm crying...I'm smiling...I don't what to do!!! We have a HB- awesome news!!
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You could have started a new freakin Post Damn it!! I've been checking religiously to see you post an UPDATE!! Ughhh, beeen worried...heee heee, LOVE the pictue, so exciting isn't it!!! So glad I saw you responded to other threads and then thought, she's got to be around here somewhere w/some news. Congrats girl!!! I go for me Beta tomorrow at 4:00, send some dust***
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OMG Melinda --- V!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy now!!! You girls are my inspiration! Everyone here is!! May we all be blessed with the best!! OMG I started crying when I saw the pic!! It's so amazing that something that SMALL has a beating heart! BIG Squishy hugs... not too tight.. but with lots of love for the lil peabody!! ~Patty
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AAWEEEE!!! my comadres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! girls!!! i am so glad to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)))))
you talk about my inspiration here!!! Nanis and mslkpage!!!!! damn! these are one set of tough mammas that went thru HELL and never gave up!!!! and i am stepping on your heels ladies!!!! =))
Love ya'll!!!

Kelly! sweetie, ALL THE SSBD i can shed right now!!!!!! sending buckets and buckets of them!!!!!! (now that i can! ....i feel special! lol) your numbers will rise up to the sky!!!!!!!! your baby IS a keeper hunny! =))) i am sooooo freaking happy for you!

wannabenana- thank you girlie!!!!!!!!!! it means THE WORLD to me that someone as special as you would mention our names in your prayers.....=) lots of SSBD to you!!!

pcarsey- Patty! sweetie, thank you so much for your so sweet words!!!!!!!! and.....oh no!!!! you come and give me a BIG SQUEEZE here, i am still early to smoosh this lil one's cheeks yet!!! =)
It is! it is soooo amazing how a tiny little being has a life of it's own, and is living and depending ON ME 100% and ....i made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is SO SURREAL!........i still can't believe it at times!!! =)))

God bless us all with our lil ones and the mommies-to-be that patiently are awaiting for their turn.....may God light up their hearts and souls and make them stronger each day to keep fighting for our miracle, the miracle to give life! =)
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vane i am soo happy. thank god everything is just fine!!!!your little bean is holding up tight!!!the u/s picture is amazing!!!lucky you!!!

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This is AWESOME!!!!
Big fat congrats!!!!
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vsentz-oh my goodness!! That photo is absolutely wonderful, and your beautiful description of how you felt when you saw it.....oh man... that will get me through for days!!
I agree with pcarsey, it is incredible that something so small has a heartbeat..what an absolute miracle!!!

marie-congratulations...so far so good, you're getting so close to that magical 12 week mark, where we can all rest a tad bit easier!!..It seems so far away,....I'm glad it went well for both you guys!

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