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I am going to the dr today after taking clomid for three months.  i was put on 50mg.  My question is, how do i know if it is working?  my husband got diagnosed with a low count which he is being treated for but i don't want all focus to be on him if something could be wrong with me.  does anyone know what i should insist on being tested for.  the reason i don't think the clomid is helping is because i am not getting clear signs on the OPK's of ovulation and becuase i am still spotting 3 days before my period.  i am thinking it was not enough dosage or something else is wrong.

last month i though on the 16th that the opk was positive.  then on day 21 it looked positive again.

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I too am taking clomid. My Dr. said the home ovulation test kits are not always reliable when you are on clomid.

I have read some things that say it makes you ovulate early. To not miss anything we have sex starting at about day 11 of my cyle to day 20 every other day at least.

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I knew it was working for me because I got horrible pains when I would ovulate.  I was on 50mg days 3-7 for 3 months.  The 3rd month I got preggo.  I am now 11 weeks!  What days were you taking it and how long have your cycles been????
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This is my second month, and the second time I have used Clomid. I take 150 per day days 5-9, my cycle is about every 30 days, but I take prometrium to have a period.
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I think if you have to take something to get your period then you arent ovulating.  Atleast this is what my dr. told me.  I dont know its all confusing.  If you are having 30 day cycles then you should be Oing around CD15 or 16.  I Oed around CD17 or 18 and I had 31 day cycles.
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You can ask your doc to do vaginal u/s's to see if your follicles are developing. My doctor usually has me come in around CD12 to measure my follicles. He also orders a progesterone test around CD21 to determine if I ovulated or not.
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When I took 50mg of Clomid, it was on days 5-7, and my doctor said I should ovulate on day 17, I did use OPKs, which were quite accurate, and got a "green light" to bd, which was, on day 17!  My cycles were normally 28 days, but with Clomid it went to 30 days.  I got pregnant after my 2nd cycle, however, it ended in a MC at 6 weeks... I'm currently waiting for my next AF so we can try again.

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Thank you all for your posts.  I used to have a 28 day cycle with 3-6 days of spotting.  Now since on clomid I have 30 day cycles with 2-3 days of spotting.  I just am not sure that the dosage is working for me.  I am on 50mg.  Toaday is day 12 and i should start testing for ovulation.  My appt is tonight and I was wondering if he should do a sonogram and i definetly want a day 21 blood test to see if i ovulated.  I just don't want them to focus on my not getting pregnant thinking it is my husband and over looking things on me.

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I would say your best bet is to BD starting CD11, then go every other day.  That is what my dr. told me.
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See if he'll do a vaginal u/s on your to check your follicle size while you are there.
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thank you for your posts.  i just got out of the dr.  i went in telling them i wanted an ultra sound.  i explained month 1 i think i ovulated on 16 or 17.   month two i think i ovulated on 16 but then 21 looked positive too.  he told me to only test starting day 12 for no more than 5 days.  any positive after the first is probably false.  if its not positive by then then the clomid is not working.  i told him i spotted he said thats common.  i told him my periods are shorter he said thats common.  he took the ultra sound and said it was either a cyst or a follicle.  he could not tell.  but in a day or two if it grew it is a follice.  so i am hoping thats what it is and that the opk shows positive in the next few days.  today i could totally see the thick line as thick as the control line but lighter so i am hoping its coming.  he gave me the dosage of 150mg for the next three months.  he said if that doesn't work no higher dose will and then the only drugs left are shots.  is that true?  he did not want to do a day 21 progesterone so i called my pcp (who is family) to see what he thinks.  they should just do the blood to see if it worked otherwise i am taking this which makes me an emotional wreck for what.  i just wish i knew if it was working or not
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I am on clomid.  Do you have to have any signs of pregnancy to actually be pregnant?  For example, do your breasts have to get sore, etc?
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how do you take this treatment? 50mg for 3-5 days, when should me and my husband have sex?
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