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Waiting period after IVF question??

Hello all, I am new to this site and I would like your help.
I just had a IVF 5 day transfer on 3/21 now I am feeling some cramping on day 7. I took an over the counter pregnancy test and it came out positive. Is the cramping normal?? please any advice you can offer would be great!!! Thanks
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YES!!! It is normal!!!  I also had cramping and was told that since you had so much going on...with ER/ET that it is completely normal.... When was your trigger shot??? this is what it could be that is making it positive....  I waited until day 9 and then took one each day and it got progressively darker.... that way I knew it wasn't the trigger shot.....good luck to you!! Can I ask how long you stayed on bedrest and how many embryo's did you put back??
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I want to thank you both for responding. I feel so much better now.
They transferred 3 blastocysts to me two were all the way developed to day 5 and one was about day 4 they said.  I was on bedrest for the remainder of the one day and returned to work the next day.  I was testing from day three and on and finally got a faint postive line on day 6 then became a testing maniac and testded again on day 7,8 and 9 which was today.  On 7,8 & 9 the test became darker so I am supposed be tested on day 13 to long to wait!!!  I hope this transfer works this time... This waiting period is driving me bananas!!!!!
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From personal experience I can tell you, that I also had minor cramping... Kinda felt like AF was going to start... My Dr. said that minor cramps are normal! And, I have a beautiful baby girl!

P.S. I aslo had day5 IVF transfer
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Wow!  I am right where you were.  Tommorrow is day 6 for us post 5 day blastocyst transfer.  We will be testing in the morning.  
Does anyone know what the most sensitive pregnancy over the counter test is?
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I had my transfer on the 9feb and i had cramps ever since. it really feels like a normal period is coming. I am convinced i am not pregnant. What was the outcome with you?
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Hi there, I also had my transfer on Feb9th.  They transferred 2 5day blastocysts.  I had mild cramps a few times a day and that was normal.  This is my second IVF cycle.  The doctor said the cramps are normal because your uterus is stretching.  I took a HPT yesterday that came back negative...last time, the HPT didn't show a positive until 14 days post transfer, and it was a very faint positive. when do you go in for your beta hcg test? mine is on the 23rd!!!
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