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Wanna get pregnant but have a problem

I just turned 24 and my period has always been regular until after my wedding in 2011. I had missed June the month I got married, had one in July hen skipped August and September and it came the middle of October(very heavy) and didn't end until the middle of November. (In July I had moved to Reno,NV from Los Angeles,CA) I went to emergency and they told me I was fine. I spotted in December and then when January came I bled for 3 weeks. I went to the doctor and she put me on birth control taking 2 pills a day. It stopped the bleeding and I was regular for Feburary March April and May. I didn't have one in June July August and it came again in the middle of September and ended the middle of October. 11days after it ended I had one of my regular periods lasting 7 days. Didn't have one November and December I had a short light period for 1 day. I began spotting towards the end of January and now I'm bleeding and it has been very heavy since the 30th but it's lasted for 2 weeks now. I really don't know what's going on with my body. I can't see a doctor right now because I have no insurance. Can anyone help me?? Please??
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A clinical examination and work up is essential for diagnosing your problem. There are many conditions which can cause irregular periods like eating disorders, stress, increased exercise, and medication. Other conditions like hormonal fluctuations, ovulation dysfunction, thyroid disorders, and polyps are few other possibilities. Any kind of heavy bleeding can contribute to anemia. Depending on the severity of the situation you may be prescribed progesterone therapy options along with diet and exercise modifications to help rebalance the hormonal imbalance. A complete physical examination, evaluations of thyroid function, a complete blood count test are important. A pelvic examination is critical to rule out any uterine infection, uterine abnormality, a cervical polyp or fibroid. An ultrasound may be needed to evaluate the uterus, the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. Early diagnosis and treatment will help. See a gynecologist. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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Went to emergency and they gave me progesterone and iron pills but still have to go to see a gyno. They didnt have one on duty and when I called clinics they wouldnt accept me becausr of my symptoms and told me the emergency room was my best option.
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