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Wanted to have baby.

I just turned 30 y/0, and wanted to have a baby, we've been married for 7 yrs. For 5 years we've been away, now it's been more than 2 yrs that  we are living together  and trying to have a baby, since my husband lab test shows that he got  a low testosterone level, is there any chance of having get pregnant in a natural way rather than an  in-vitro which the doctor tell us that, thats the only option we have? Please help:(
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Hi there,
Low testosterone can be a cause of low fertility in men. It can lead to low sperm counts, low motility, and even poor morphology. The cause of low testosterone can be related to primary hypogonadism when the problem is in the organs which affect sexual function or secondary or tertiary hypogonadism when the problem is related to the pituitary or hypothalamus. Treatment aims at finding the underlying cause and addressing the issue. Your doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement. Consult a physician. Keep me posted with more queries.
Best luck and regards!
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Thank you for the information that may help me to understand about having a low testosterone level. Yes, my husband went through lab tests, examine, and they found out that ..his testis where small due to bad illness when  he was a child, bacteria or virus caused it, so his testis become small, that's their explanation to us. But he can still perform coitus, still get hard and his urge still there as normal . They prescribe testosterone replacement like the androgel patch, he used that for one month but there are side effects on him like N/V, nosebleeds, stomach pain, we went to our doctor to report it.. is there any testosterone replacement other than androgel patch?
for now we are still waiting for our next doctors visit/ appointment for the interpretation for the last lab test of my husband, it was done after reporting the side effects of that androgel testosterone patch..

Happy to hear response  from you again..

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Hi there!
Just thought i'd jump in....
It's also probably wise to get yourself checked out, too, just to rule out any problems with your own physiology, but if all of your side of things is fine, there are cheaper options than IVF...such as Intrauterine Insemination if you needed a bit of ...er, technical help getting pregnant!
Otherwise, the fact that you are very young is going to be a big bonus in your favour :)
I hope all goes well for you. Keep us updated.
Ange xo
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PS I am also 30, but I am not partnered at all, hoping assisted reproductive technologies will be able to give me what i want the most...<3
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Hi Angee82,
Yes, you are right and thank you for the effort to say something about this problem, appreciate much, now i am convinced that i need also to have that physiologic check up. Ill keep posted for what results might be.
You too goodluck on your plans, hope you can find what you're  looking for..
Angee82, thanks again!..
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