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Was on depo and the pill, worried fertility was compromised

I was on depo provera for 3 years, then I went off and got a very heavy and long period (3 weeks).  Then after a year of no period, I got on the pill to regulate myself and had regular periods on the pill for 7 years.  I then went off the pill (Nov8, 2006) b/c my husband and I want to get pregnant.  After 3 months of no period, my doctor gave me 5 days of provera.  After 1 week I have no period which I expected. I know I am not pregnant.  I have an appnt to see my doctor next week. I have a very bad feeling that the journey to regularity will be a long one and I am looking for tips, advice, basically anything that can help me not lose time or effort.  Haven't seen success stories from people with similar backgrounds....
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Ok maybe you haven't ttc enough most couple's ttc for up to a year before starting to worry if they can't become pregnant. You haven't tried long enough to determine if the birth control you took effected you in that way. I say try a little while and if no bay then go see fertility doctor.
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I am having the exact same problem. I wasn't on Depo, but I was on birth control for 2 years. Well, I quit taking it in May 2006 because I was getting married and wanted to get pregnant. I still to this day don't have a period. I am going to the doctor on Tuesday, so if I find out anything that will be of any help to you, I will sure let you know. I know how hard it can be, and yeah, I think its going to be a long hard road to regularity, but its nice to know that someone is going through the exact same problems at the same time.
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