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Hi there, I've just turned 38 and have been ttc for about my whole life. No, not really. My husband and I have been married for 4 years and have always talked about having a baby. For about the last 9 months we have been trying (counting the days, taking my meds, visiting a IVF speacilisit. We are not under going IVF yet, although I to take puregon and pregynl and we 'do the biz' around the time of ovulation. So we are trying and I can tell you it is bloody trying.

I am overweight (really). In the past 2 years I've had a lap band and lost 35 kilograms (sorry in advance for all the metric mentions, I'm from Australia!) But am still at the scary end of the BMI chart. Since we began meeting with the fertility guru I've stopped losing weight. I am wondering if we should take a break from the puregon etc and I should concentrate on losing more weight, and then get back on the baby making band wagon.

Is 39 really 'too old' to seriously start making a baby?

Thanking you in advance. I am surrounded by women who can get pregnant just by looking at their partners.

On the positive note both my grandmothers had children 'naturally' in their 40s.

PS I'm on my second fertility doctor and am thinking about changing to a 3rd. The current one doesn't talk much and I don't feel relaxed when I see him. He was away and I saw one of his collegues who was great and I am thinking of asking for a referral to this new guy...

Anyway, its super late here.

Nice to meet you all.

Kind regards,

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Hi Catharine!

Welcome to the Fertility Forum! For most women, 39 is not too late to conceive. There are several women over on the Pregnancy 35+ Forum your age or older who are currently pregnant! It is, however, a little harder to conceive once you hit your mid to late 30s, but I would think the fact that both your grandmothers had children in their 40s is a good sign!

Also congratulations on losing 35 kg! That's great! Usually being overweight affects fertility by hindering ovulation, but since you're on fertility meds, I'm not sure how much of an effect it has in your case. So I would probably ask your doctor (or the new one, if you decide to switch) about that. I understand wanting to take a break from the meds to help the weight loss, but at the same time, it might not be wise to wait too long.

What tests have you had done? And has your husband had a sperm analysis done yet?
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My husband and I have had a ream of tests and he is 100% fine and I am 95% fine (my words, not the Doc :-) ). It looks like I may never have ovulated regularly, (I used to heave really heavy, extended periods that could only be stopped by medication + ovarian cysts but not PSOS), but have responded well both the follicle stimulating hormone and the ovulation trigger.

I had a fallopian tube removed about 18 months ago, but you only need one, right! When I had several 'good looking' follicles on my right ovary I had to remind the Doctor that that was all well and good, but not having a right tube makes it harder to conceive.

Thanks again for your kind words,

I've been searching on the net for a positive but realistic forum and I think that this is it.

I try to be a positive person, and surround myself with happy people, but at time I can be a bit low.

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Have you had your thyroid checked? that could be part of the problem. I got pregnant very easily with my son, who is now almost  2 1/2 years old. when he turned 1, we decided to try for another once (given i was going to be 37 very soon). A year and half later, I'm still not pregnant (i'm not 38). I had my tubes checked and had laproscopic surgery cause my Obgyn thought i might have endometriosis based on some of my symptoms. Surgery showed a few adhesions from my previous C section but other than that, the dr was perplexed as he saw no reason as to why i couldn't get pregnant. It wasn't until last month when i went to my regular doc, that i was told i had an enlarged thyroid - i underwent several blood tests and lo and behold - i was diagnosed with hashimoto's disease. I just started medication. I haven't gotten full confirmation yet - but i'm almost certain this has been my infertility problem. i guess we'll see what happens in the next few months when medication kicks in etc. anyway - please get your thyroid checked - that could be your problem.
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Shall do, I have had a few tests, and it sounds silly, but I have no idea if I have had a thyroid test. I didn't, until recently, even know which day I was ovulating on (silly, but the Dr must have just assumed I knew. I'm a write, not a bloody biologist!)

Thanks again,

I am changing FS and on my first appointment with the new guru I shall ask for a thyroid test.

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Hi ladies, i was previously on this 2ww train and got pg in sept. I am now 15 weeks, sick as a dog, but still pg! I have a friend in the OC, Newport beach area who is about to embark on this journey and is looking for a good fertility center or specialist. I can't remember where everyone is, but if you in that area, can you send some suggestions!
Cheers, oh in a non-alcoholic way!
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